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The official Pokémon Tretta website has announced a few new accessories for the game that will go on sale July 13th, 2013. Below is a list of the new items that will be for sale.

Tretta Holder (トレッタホルダー) - 1050yen / Tretta File 2 (トレッタファイル2) - 1000yen

Tretta Case Pokémon Super Ball Color (トレッタケース ポケモンスーパーボールカラー) - 900yen / Action Tretta Case Pokémon Super Ball Color (アクショントレッタケース ポケモンスーパーボールカラー) - 1659yen

Source: http://www.pokemontretta.com/goods/trettacase.html

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