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The audio database covers mainly officially released audio media. Initially started as a CD database, as less physical discs were released, it transitioned into an audio database to include Digital releases as well as other media formats.

The unique feature of this database is that Anime episodes that have music from one of these releases, have their tracks indexed with the episodes to list how many instances a specific track was used and at what time index. We also have a separate database entry for unreleased Anime music.
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Flag たびのまえ、たびのあと
  • Journey's Prequels, Journey's Traces
Released 2024-02-28
Catalog # KRHS-60094
Runtime 03:19
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Flag Nintendo Switch ポケモン スカーレット・バイオレット+ゼロの秘宝 スーパーミュージック・コレクション
  • Nintendo Switch Pokémon Scarlet・Violet + The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero Super Music Collection
Released 2024-02-27
Catalog # OVCP-0013
Runtime 6:48:14
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Flag Nintendo Switch Pokémon LEGENDS アルセウス スーパーミュージック・コレクション
  • Nintendo Switch Pokémon LEGENDS Arceus Super Music Collection
Released 2024-02-27
Catalog # OVCP-0012
Runtime 4:02:19
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Flag Nintendo Switch ポケモン ソード・シールド+エキスパンションパス スーパーミュージック・コレクション
  • Nintendo Switch Pokémon Sword・Shield + Expansion Pass Super Music Collection
Released 2024-02-27
Catalog # OVCP-0011
Runtime 4:44:00
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Released 2024-02-24
Catalog # KRHS-60090
Runtime 02:52
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Flag むげんのチケット
  • Mugen no Ticket
  • Eon Ticket
Released 2024-02-18
Catalog # KRHS-60076
Runtime 03:39
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Flag ひゅ〜どろどろ
  • Hyu~dorodoro
Released 2024-02-10
Catalog # KRHS-60059
Runtime 02:47
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Flag ゴー!ビッパ団
  • GO! Team BIPPA
Released 2024-02-03
Catalog # KRHS-60047
Runtime 04:00
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Flag 俺ゴーストタイプ
  • I'm a Ghost Type
Released 2024-01-28
Catalog # KRHS-60033
Runtime 03:23
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Flag ボルテッカー (Jewel Remix)
  • Volt Tackle (Jewel Remix) feat. Hatsune Miku
Released 2024-01-27
Catalog # KRHS-60031
Runtime 02:44
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Flag RVR~ライジングボルテッカーズラップ~
  • RVR ~Rising Volt Tacklers Rap~
Released 2023-12-27
Catalog # BVCL01357B00Z
Runtime 28:52
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Flag RVR~ライジングボルテッカーズラップ~ [CD+Blu-ray Disc]
  • RVR ~Rising Volt Tacklers Rap~ [CD+Blu-ray Disc]
Released 2023-12-27
Catalog # BVCL-1357
Runtime 28:52
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Flag めざせポケモンマスター/ひゃくごじゅういち [完全生産限定7inchアナログ盤]
  • Mezase Pokémon Master [Kanzen seisan gentei 7 inch Analog-ban]
  • Aim To Be A Pokémon Master [Limited Edition 7 inch Analog Vinyl]
Released 2023-12-27
Catalog # MHKL-85
Runtime 08:10
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Released 2023-12-23
Catalog # KRHS-96271
Runtime 04:33
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Flag マシロ
  • Mashiro
Released 2023-12-22
Catalog # SRXX04822B00Z
Runtime 03:10
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Flag Have a Good Time Here
Released 2023-12-20
Catalog # JPWP02370881
Runtime 03:25
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Flag 君の居場所 (Have a Good Time Here)
Released 2023-12-20
Catalog # WPCL-13527
Runtime 32:25
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Flag ガッチュー!
  • I GOT YOU!
Released 2023-12-16
Catalog # KRHS-96260
Runtime 03:15
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Flag ハロ 【通常盤】
  • Halo [Tsūjō-ban]
  • Halo [Regular Edition]
Released 2023-12-13
Catalog # SRCL-12706
Runtime 09:38
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Flag ハロ【期間生産限定盤(CD+BD)】
  • Halo [Kikan seisan gentei-ban (CD+BD)]
  • Halo [Limited Edition (CD+BD)]
Released 2023-12-13
Catalog # SRCL-12707~8
Runtime 11:08