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As a tie-in for the TV series Pocket Monsters Best Wishes: Season 2, a twitter account was opened under the name "The Rocket Gang Secret Empire" (ロケット団ひみつ帝国). The account was allegedly run by Sakaki himself. The twitter account description is as follows:


ロケット団のサカキだ!我々は、このtwitterを利用して広く団員を募り、世界征服に乗り出す。さあ、集えロケット団の名の下へ!キーワードは、“Poke’mon Radio show! ロケット団ひみつ帝国”だ! カントー地方·
(This is Sakaki of the Rocket Gang! We will be using this Twitter to recruit new gang members from all over, so we can embark on world domination! Now, gather in the name of the Rocket Gang! The keyword is "Poke’mon Radio show! The Rocket Gang Secret Empire" -Kanto Region)

The following tweets were made from June to July 2012:

Date Japanese Translation
June 2 12:36 AM Coming soon.....#Rocketdan pic.twitter.com/r7kCSXju Coming soon.....#Rocketdan pic.twitter.com/r7kCSXju
June 2 12:38 AM いよいよ世界征服に向けたミッションのカウントダウンが始まる。 "Finally, the countdown towards the mission to ensure world conquest has begun."
June 2 02:25 PM いい子だ。ペルシアン。団員が続々と集まっているぞ。だが、ミッションをコンプリートするには、まだまだ足りない。全世界の者たちよ。我が下に集うのだ。 "Good boy." "Persian." "Gang members are assembling en masse. However, it is still not enough for the completion of the mission. People around the world. Gather under me."
June 3 12:00 PM おはよう。団員の諸君!サカキだ。今後もミッションコンプリートのため、諸君らの広報活動に期待する! "Good morning, my followers. This is Sakaki. From here on, you will be expected to help spread the word to ensure the completion of the mission!"
June 7 09:51 AM ペルニャ~!今日もいい子だ。おはよう団員の諸君。我々のミッションは全世界70億人すべてを団員としロケット団帝国をつくることである! #Rocketdan "Per-nya!" "Yes, yes, such a good boy. Good morning, my followers. Our mission is to make all 7 billion people in the world join our ranks, and build the Rocket Gang empire!" #Rocketdan
June 8 12:28 AM 団員の諸君。本日の広報活動ご苦労だった。だがまだまだ世界征服には程遠い。さらなる健闘を期待しているぞ。 "Followers. You have done good work spreading the word today. However, we still have far to go before we've conquered the world. You are expected to keep fighting with all your might."
June 8 10:02 AM おはよう諸君。今日も諸君らの活動に期待する。ペルニャ~!よしよしペルシアン。安心しろ。我が団員たちは優秀だ。必ずやミッションをコンプリートするだろう。#Rocketdan "Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. I expect you to keep doing your job today as well." "Per-nya!" "Yes, yes, Persian. Do not worry. The members of our gang are strong. We will without doubt complete our mission." #Rocketdan
June 8 11:31 PM 団員の諸君。本日も任務ご苦労だった。ペルニャ~。ペルシアンもそう言っているようだ。んっ!これは•••奴らめ…フッ。まあ様子を見るとするか。#Rocketdan "Followers. You have done fine work today as well." "Per-nyaa." "Yes, Persian agrees as well. Huh? What's going on? It... it's them. Those blasted... Hmph. Let's bide our time and observe just a bit more for now." #Rocketdan
June 9 10:42 AM おはよう諸君。本日もよい成果があがることを期待する。ロケット団帝国創設をともに目指そう!#Rocketdan "Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. I expect your work will bring good results today as well. Aim for the founding of the Rocket Gang empire!" #Rocketdan
June 9 04:09 PM なにっ!ロケット団シンオウ支部が••• #Rocketdan "What! The Rocket Gang Sinnoh branch has been..." #Rocketdan
June 9 04:39 PM 団員の諸君。心配は無用だ。今まで通り広報活動に励んでくれたまえ。しばらく留守にする。#Rocketdan "Followers. There is no need for alarm. Continue spreading the word as before. I will be temporarily absent." #Rocketdan
June 9 06:16 PM ペルニャ~ン…ペルニャ~ン… #Rocketdan "Per-nyaan... Per-nyaan..." #Rocketdan
June 9 08:30 PM ペルニャ~…ペルニャ~…ペルゥ…… #Rocketdan "Per-nyaa... Per-nyaa... Per......" #Rocketdan
June 10 12:02 PM ペルニャ~ン。ペルゥ…。 秘書「ペルシアン。心配せんでも良い。サカキ様なら大丈夫じゃ。それにしても、自ら…まあ他人に任せられない性分でもあるが…」#Rocketdan "Per-nyaan... Per... Per......" Secretary: "Persian. There is no need to worry. Sakaki-sama will be all right. Still, for him to personally... Well, he was never one to leave things like these to others, but..." #Rocketdan
June 10 12:11 PM 秘書「ん?ラジオの企画書?また、あのニャース達か…少しはまともになってはきたが。一体ラジオで何をしようとしているやら…」#Rocketdan Secretary: "What? A suggestion we go on the radio? Oh, it's that Nyarth and his friends again... Well, they have straightened up somewhat lately. But why on earth would they want to be on radio...?" #Rocketdan
June 10 06:05 PM サカキさま!失礼しますニャ…ニャニャ!ラジオの企画のご返事を頂こうと参上したが本部には誰もいないのニャ。企画書も机に置きっぱなしニヤ…直接ボスと連絡をとれるわけでもニャいし。#Rocketdan Nyarth: "Sakaki-sama! Pardon me... what? I came by to get a reply regarding the radio plans, but there aren't anyone here at headquarters? Well, I'll just leave the proposal on the desk for now... there's no need to contact the boss directly just for this." #Rocketdan
June 10 06:40 PM … … … … そうニャ!ボスの野望である団員70億人をニャーたちが、ラジオで呼びかければいいのニャ。ニャんたる名案!さすがニャーなのニャ!ついでにボスの留守中はこのツイッターを有効に使わせて頂くニヤ。#Rocketdan Nyarth: "............ That's it! We could call out to those 7 billion gang members the boss dreamed of via radio! What a great idea! No wonder I was the one to come up with it! And since the boss is gone, I'll be able to use this Twitter too!" #Rocketdan
June 10 07:21 PM にょ~し!決定ニャ!!ポケモンラジオで団員を増やし、サカキ様に褒めてもらうのニャ!後はいつから始めるかだニャ…#Rocketdan Nyarth: "All right! The decision has been made!! I will use Pokémon Radio to increase our number of gang members, and get heaps of praise from Sakaki-sama! Hm, but when do I start...?" #Rocketdan
June 10 08:31 PM ラッキ~。ん?ラッキー?サカキ様は出張中だニャ…薬ニャら机の上に置いていくニャ。サカキ様も色々ご多忙なんだニャ… … …ニャハハ~!思いついたニャ!ラッキー7!7月からニャ!#Rocketdan Lucky: "Lucky." Nyarth: "Huh? Lucky? Sakaki-sama is off on a business trip... I'll just leave the medicine on his desk. Sakaki-sama sure is a busy man... ... ...Haha! That's it! Lucky 7! We'll start from the 7th month, July!" #Rocketdan
June 10 09:44 PM サカキ様の野望、団員70億人を目指し、ニャ~達ロケット団は、ポケモンラジオを7月1日からおっぱじめるのニャ!詳しくは明日明らかになるニャ!早速ムサシとコジロウに相談ニャ!#Rocketdan Nyarth: "To achieve Sakaki-sama's goal of 7 billion gang members, we of the Rocket Gang will go on air with the Pokémon Radio starting July 1st! Details will be posted tomorrow. Now to talk things over with Musashi and Kojiro!" #Rocketdan
June 11 08:20 AM 団員のみんな!おはようニャ!ラジオの詳細はこれをみるニャ!Pokémon Radio Show!ロケット団ひみつ帝国 interfm.co.jp/rocketdan/ @InterFM761_JPから #Rocketdan Nyarth: "Gang members! Good morning! Go here for details on the radio station! Pokémon Radio Show! The Rocket Gang Secret Empire at interfm.co.jp/rocketdan/ and @InterFM761_JP" #Rocketdan
June 11 03:21 PM すごいニャ、すごいニャ!団員が続々と集まってるニャ!これにゃら絶対サカキ様も褒めてくれるニャ。団員の諸君、これからもよろしく頼むのニヤ!#Rocketdan Nyarth: "Amazing, amazing! We're gathering heaps and heaps of gang members. Sakaki-sama will definitely praise us for this. Followers, please bear with me from now on." #Rocketdan
June 11 09:06 PM 団員の諸君!ニャースだニャ。もう少しで1万人突破ニャ。ニャハハ~!この勢いならニャー達のスピード出世はきっと間違いなしニャ。今後もよろしく頼むニャ!#Rocketdan Nyarth: "Followers! This is Nyarth. We're just about to exceed 10 000 people. Nyahaha! At this rate there's no doubt we'll make speedy success. Bear with us in the future as well!" #Rocketdan
June 11 09:13 PM って言ってるうちに突破ニャ。これでペルシアンのポストはいただきニヤ。…ペルニャ!!いたいニャ!何するニャ。今にみてるニャ!今日は帰る!!#Rocketdan Nyarth: "...and while I was posting that, we made it past. Persian's posts are nothing compared to mine." Persian: "Per-nya!!" Nyarth: "Ow! What was that for? I'll be keeping an eye on you. Go home now!!"#Rocketdan
June 12 08:53 AM 団員の諸君!おはようニャ!ニャースだニャ。すごいニャ。1日でこんなに団員が増えるニャんて。みんニャこの調子で頑張るのニャ。さすればサカキ様が戻られた時、きっとお喜びになるはずニヤ。ニャんだかとってもいい感じ~! Nyarth: "Followers! Good morning! This is Nyarth. This is amazing. To think we'd get such an increase in members in a single day. Keep it up, everyone. If you do, Sakaki-sama will no doubt be delighted when he returns. Someway, somehow, this feels good!"
June 12 02:28 PM 【ペルシアン】ペル!ペルニャ~。 ペル、ペルニャ~、ペルペル。#Rocketdan Persian: "Per! Per-nya. Per, Per-nya, Per Per."#Rocketdan
June 12 02:29 PM 【ニャース】ニャにニャに。「おいニャース。サカキ様を失望させないようにせいぜい頑張れよ。まっ、無理だと思うけど」って腹立つニャ~!今にニャフンって言わせてやるにゃ!#Rocketdan Nyarth: "What? This says "Hey, Nyarth. Keep doing your best in your attempt to not disappoint Sakaki. Pretty sure it's futile, though". How dare he! I'll make him eat those words!" #Rocketdan
June 12 10:21 PM 【ニャース】団員の諸君。こんばんニャ!応援ありがとニャ。おみゃーらが絶対楽しめるラジオにするニャ。団員70億人、スピード出世でいい感じ~! ばいニャら!#Rocketdan Nyarth: "Followers. Good afternoon! Thank you for your support. You will without doubt enjoy the radio show. We'll get 7 billion followers, make speedy success and feel good! Bye for now!" #Rocketdan
June 13 09:47 AM 【ニャース】団員の諸君。おはようだニャ。今日もサカキ様のために頑張るのニャ!#Rocketdan Nyarth: "Followers. Good morning. Work hard for Sakaki-sama's sake today as well!" #Rocketdan
June 13 08:26 PM 団員の諸君、こんばんニャ。ニャースだニャ。ラジオの企画は順調に進行中だニャ!あとは、色々な地方の団員にも聞けるようにニャゴシエート中だニャ。応援よろしくニャ。#Rocketdan Nyarth: "Followers, good evening. This is Nyarth. The radio project is progressing smoothly! I'll also be in negotiations for gang members from other regions to be able to listen to us as well. Keep supporting us." #Rocketdan
June 16 10:36 AM 団員の諸君。おはようニャ!ニャースだニャ。ニャゴシエートは順調ニャ!各地方でも聞いてもらえるようにウエブラジオを考えてるニヤ。我ながら名案ニャ。応援宜しくニャ。#Rocketdan Nyarth: "Followers. Good morning. This is Nyarth. The negotiations are going well. We are considering a web radio so other regions can listen too. It sure is a good idea, if I do say so myself. Keep supporting us." #Rocketdan
June 17 09:41 AM ペルニャ~ペルニャ~ペルペルニャ~!#Rocketdan Persian: "Per-nya Per-nya Per-per-nya!" #Rocketdan
June 17 09:47 AM ニャにニャに。おみゃーもサカキ様がいなくて寂しい。何をいってるニャ。サカキ様は我らロケット団繁栄のために頑張っておられるニャ。だから戻られるまでに少しでも多くの団員を集めるニャ!#Rocketdan Nyarth: "Now what's this? You miss Sakaki-sama too? What are you talking about? Sakaki-sama is working very hard for the Rocket Gang to thrive. He'll be back soon, and we're going to gather a lot of members before that happens! " #Rocketdan
June 17 09:50 AM 団員の諸君。おはようニャ!今日も広報活動よろしく頼むニャ!#Rocketdan Nyarth: "Followers. Good morning! Please work to spread the word about us today as well!" #Rocketdan
June 18 11:20 AM 団員の諸君。おそようニャ!今日も頑張るニャ。しかし、放送は決まったものの、やっぱりラジオは中身が重要ニャ。優秀なトレーナーやポケモンを団員にするには…ニャニャ~#Rocketdan Nyarth: "Followers. Good late morning! Do your best today as well! While the broadcast details of the radio show have been worked out, the most important part of a show is its content. We need something that'll convince skilled Trainers and Pokémon to join our gang... Hm." #Rocketdan
June 18 10:27 PM 団員の諸君。こんばんニャ。ニャースだニャ。気づいたらもうこんな時間だニャ。にゃるほど。ジムリーダーを団員にとは…にゃは~。かなりハードルが高いのニャ。どう口説くかが問題ニャ。とりあえず今日はもう寝るニャ。バイニャら! #Rocketdan Nyarth: "Followers. Good afternoon. This is Nyarth. Man, look at the time. I got it, though. If we had Gym Leaders join us... then... It'll be quite the task, though. How could we convince them? Either way, right now it's time for bed. Bye for now!" #Rocketdan
June 19 09:38 AM 今日もボスはこう言うのニャ。「ニャース、ラジオ計画は順調のようだな。もはやペルシアンではなくニャースの時代だ」…って夢だったニョか!いや、きっとこれは正夢ニャ。今日も1日頑張るニャ。どうやらラジオの番宣も流れ始めたみたいニャし。 #Rocketdan Nyarth: "The Boss told me this today: "Nyarth, your radio operation is doing great. The era of the Persian has ended, truly this is the age of Nyarth." ...and then I woke up. Well, I'm sure that dream will become reality. Make sure to work hard for us today as well. The promoting of our program seem to be going well indeed." #Rocketdan
June 19 09:13 PM 団員の諸君。こんばんニャ。今日はあるミッションで、サブウエイマスターと接触したニャ。理由は聞かないでくれニャ。そのうち分かるニャ。くぅ~!ニャつらめ… #Rocketdan Nyarth: "Followers. Good evening. Our mission for today was to contact the Subway Masters. I won't tell you why. You'll learn in due time. Hmph, those blasted..." #Rocketdan
June 20 01:05 PM 団員の諸君。ニャースだニャ。ニャゴシエート成功ニャ!ウエブラジオ決定ニャ。詳細は追って知らせるニャ。いい感じ~! #Rocketdan Nyarth: "Followers. This is Nyarth. The negotiations worked out perfectly! The web radio deal is sealed. Details to follow. This feels good!" #Rocketdan
June 20 10:23 PM 団員の諸君。こんばんニャ。ニャースだニャ。ラジオ放送がいよいよ近づいてきたニャ。ニャけどまだ世界征服には優秀な育てやとポケモンがたりニャいニャ。どんな奴が団員として相応しいかニャ。う~ん… #Rocketdan Nyarth: "Followers. Good afternoon. This is Nyarth. The first radio broadcast is just right around the corner. We still lack enough skilled day care workers and Pokémon to conquer the world, though. But which do you suppose would fit in our gang? Hmm..." #Rocketdan
June 22 10:14 AM 団員の諸君。おはようニャ。ラジオ放送まで後9日!いよいよニャー達のミッションが始まるニャ。きっとボスもお喜びになるはずニャ。 #Rocketdan Nyarth: "Followers. Good morning. There's only 9 days left until our radio broadcast! Our mission i finally going to start. I'm sure the boss will be pleased, too." #Rocketdan
June 22 10:27 AM ペルニャ~ペル、ペル、ペルペルニャ~。 #Rocketdan Persian: "Per-nya-per, per, per-per-nya" #Rocketdan
June 22 10:27 AM ニャに。サカキ様はおミャーの事など眼中にニャい。全然団員が集まってないしな。って、くぅ~!これでも食らうニャ!みだれひっかき!… … …その技は…はニャ~~!やな感じ~!今に見てるニャ~。 #Rocketdan Nyarth: "What? This says "Sakaki-sama thinks nothing of you. You're not going to gather any gang members." Why you... Take this! Fury Swipes!... That move... its...! This feels bad! Just you wait!" #Rocketdan
June 23 12:31 PM ふニャ~!よく寝たニャ。団員の諸君。おそようニャ。たまには休みも必要ニャ。さて、団員を集めるいい企画を考えるとするかニャっと。皆もよろしく頼むニャ! ‪#Rocketdan Nyarth: "Yawn! What a good night's sleep. Followers. Good late morning. Remember, it's important to rest every now and then. By the way, I just came up with a good way to gather new members. Hope you guys are doing well, too!" #Rocketdan
June 25 07:27 PM 団員の諸君。こんばんニャ!ニャースだニャ。にゃは~。番組のロゴが出来たのニャ!われニャがらセンスがいいのニャ。いよいよ放送まであと6日ニャ。 ‪#Rocketdan‬ t.co/eL8OhIi4 Nyarth: "Followers. Good afternoon. This is Nyarth. This is awesome! We just finished the show's logo! It's pretty stylish, if I do say so myself. Only 6 days left until we're on air, now." #Rocketdan‬ t.co/eL8OhIi4
June 26 08:27 PM 団員の諸君。こんばんニャ。ラジオ放送まで後5日ニャ!ニャんとかここまで…って、ここで安心してる場合じゃニャいニャ。もっと団員を増やさねば。さすればサカキ様が戻られた時きっとお喜びになるはずニャ。‪#Rocketdan Nyarth: "Followers. Good afternoon. Only 5 days left until the broadcast! At long last, we... wait, what am I doing. I got no time to relax, I need to recruit more followers to ensure Sakaki-sama will be pleased once he returns." ‪#Rocketdan
June 26 08:51 PM ラジオ放送を聞けない地方のみんニャ。吉報ニャ!放送翌日から期間限定ニャが、ウエブラジオもやるから安心するニャ。これで団員の増加間違いなしニャ!我ニャがらニャ~の頭はキレキレニャ。 さらに!Podcastも進行中ニャ! ‪#Rocketdan Nyarth: "I got good news for those of you living in regions where you can't listen to the show! The day after the broadcast, we'll have a web radio available for a limited time, so don't worry. This will no doubt win us more followers. Truly I am a genius. And I got a podcast in works, too!" #Rocketdan
June 28 02:44 PM 団員の諸君。サカキだ。留守中の広報活動ご苦労。かなり団員が増えたようだな。だがまだ世界征服には足りぬ。今後の更なる活動に期待する。んっ!これは…あいつらがラジオで団員を… … フッ! ‪#Rocketdan Sakaki: "Followers. This is Sakaki. Good work spreading the word during my absence. It seems our gang has grown considerably in size. However, we still don't have enough to conquer the world. I expect you to keep this up. Huh? What the... those guys are going on radio to... ... What in the...!?"
June 28 06:30 PM 団員の諸君!サカキだ。イッシュ地方の制圧に向けてミッションは進行中だ。その名も、「オペレーションテンペスト」…。その制圧のカギとなるのがメロエッタだ。ニャース達の行動に注目せよ! ‪#Rocketdan Sakaki: "Followers! This is Sakaki. Our mission to control the Isshu region is currently in progress. We've named it 'Operation Tempest'... The key to us gaining full control is Meloetta. Make sure to follow Nyarth and his partners' activities!" #Rocketdan
June 29 07:46 PM 団員の諸君。ニャースだニャ。ニャんとサカキ様がニャー達の事を気にかけてくれてるニャんて。いい感じ~!ニョ~し。ラジオ放送まで後2日ニャ!頑張るのニャ。 ‪#Rocketdan Nyarth: "Followers. This is Nyarth. It appears Sakaki-sama is actually concerned about our well-being. This feels good! All right! Two days left until the broadcast! Let's do our best." #Rocketdan
June 30 10:52 AM 団員の諸君。おはようニャ。ニャはは~!いよいよ放送が明日に迫ったニャ。ニャーの考え出した企画だから盛り上がる事間違いなしニャ。皆楽しみに待っているのニャ! #Rocketdan Nyarth: "Followers. Good morning. This is great! The broadcast is just a single day away! I'm the one who came up with this project, so there's no doubt it'll get you all excited. Look forward to it, everyone!" #Rocketdan
July 1 07:46 AM 団員の諸君。おはようニャ。ついにこの日が来たニャ!19時からラジオ放送開始にゃ。長い道のりだったニャ~。ムサシ、コジロウと一緒に盛り上げるから絶対に聞くのニャ。 #Rocketdan Nyarth: "Followers. Good morning. Finally the day has arrived! The broadcast will start at 19:00 o'clock. We've come so far. Musashi, Kojiro and I will make sure to entertain you, so definitely listen in." #Rocketdan
July 1 04:38 PM 団員の諸君。ラジオ放送まであと三時間を切ったニャ!絶対みんな聞いてくれニャ。 #Rocketdan Nyarth: "Followers. The radio show starts in only 3 hours! Make sure to listen in.." #Rocketdan
July 1 06:34 PM 放送まであと30分ニャ! そし今日のゲストはピカチュウやマネネなどを育てているプロだニャ。団員にすべきかどうかしっかり見極めるニャ!#Rocketdan Nyarth: "Only 30 minutes left until the broadcast! Today's guest is a professional who's been raising both Pikachu and Manene. We'll thoroughly analyze whether or not we want her to join the gang." #Rocketdan
July 1 06:45 PM 団員の諸君。放送はインターFMニャ。 Pokémon Radio Show!ロケット団ひみつ帝国 interfm.co.jp/rocketdan/ @InterFM761_JP #Rocketdan Nyarth: "Followers. We'll be broadcasting on InterFM. "Pokémon Radio Show! The Rocket Gang Secret Empire" interfm.co.jp/rocketdan/ @InterFM761_JP" #Rocketdan
July 1 06:57 PM 団員の諸君。いよいよ放送開始ニャ! #Rocketdan Nyarth: "Followers. We're finally live!" #Rocketdan
July 1 09:18 PM ニャは~!とりあえず第1回のラジオ大成功だったニャ。団員の諸君も楽しんでくれたようでよかったニャ。みんニャの意見を参考にしつつ、今後の番組を盛り上げていくのニャ。きっとこれでサカキ様もお喜びになるはずニャ。 #Rocketdan Nyarth: "Wow! I am happy to report our first episode of the radio show was a smashing success. Hopefully you followers enjoyed it as well. We'll take your feedback into account so we can produce even better shows in the future. This way Sakaki-sama will become overjoyed as well." #Rocketdan
July 1 10:29 PM おっ?これがニャースの言っていたボスのツイッターか・・・。いやー、いきなりラジオなんて言うからテンションが上がりまくったぜ。何を喋ったか、覚えてないしw。ゆっくりと、団員のつぶやきでも見るか・・・。 Kojiro: "Huh? Is this that Twitter of the boss' that Nyarth was talking about...? Man, I got really excited when I heard I was going to be on radio all of a sudden. lol, I even had problems remembering my lines. Now let's see what our followers have been tweeting..."
July 1 10:35 PM すげーーっ!?つぶやいた途端に団員たちの反応が!?ツイッター、恐るべし!でも、面白いな~。みんな、ちゃんと聴いてくれてたんだな~。いいかんじぃ~っ!これからも、たまにコソっとつぶやくから、そん時はよろしくな!んじゃ、来週も~ビクトリー! Kojiro: "This is incredible! We got this many tweets from our followers!? Twitter is scary. Pretty interesting too, though. You guys were all paying so much attention to the show. This feels good! I'll make sure to tweet every now and then in the future. Let's aim for victory next week as well!"
July 2 01:32 PM 昨日の放送を聞けなかった団員の諸君!ウエブラジオの配信がスタートしたニャ!詳細は、 kids-station.com/pms/ animate.tv/radio/pokemon/ tv-tokyo.co.jp/anime/rd/ をチェックニャ!ポッドキャストもあるニャ! #Rocketdan Nyarth: "Attention, all you members who missed out on yesterday's broadcast! We've now started our web radio distro system! Check out kids-station.com/pms/, animate.tv/radio/pokemon/ and tv-tokyo.co.jp/anime/rd/ for further details. A podcast will be up, too!" #Rocketdan
July 3 01:08 AM おっ?団員のみんな結構つぶやいてるじゃん!なになに?アメリカ在住だから、ポッドキャストもあって良かった?そうかぁ~。外国からも聴いてくれてんのかぁ~、嬉しいねぇ~。何回やれるかは、わかんないけど最後までつきあってくれよ~。 Kojiro: "Oh hey, you followers sure have tweeted a lot of nice messages! Now what's this? "I live in America, so I'm really happy there's a podcast too." I see, people are listening from abroad too. That's awesome. As for those asking how long we'll be doing this, we don't know yet, but make sure to stick with us till the end."
July 3 01:12 AM おっと!つぶやきをチェックしてる場合じゃないっ!ニャースの奴に、次の育て屋さんを見付けて来いって、言われたんだ。ん~?何処にあるんだ、育て屋名鑑は・・・。なんで、こんなコソコソとボスの部屋に潜入してやらなきゃならないんだ?ったく~・・・。あっ!あったぞ!「育て屋名鑑1997~」。 Kojiro: "Wait, what am I doing? This is no time to be checking tweets! Nyarth sent me here to find our next day care worker. Hm, now where is that Day Care Directory...? Why do I have to sneak into the boss' room like this anyway? Geez... Oh, here it is! "Day Care Directory 1997"..."
July 3 01:14 AM とりあえず、これを持って・・・。ボス~、すぐに返しますから~。お借りして行きますねぇ~。 Kojiro: "Ok, I'll be taking this... Sorry boss, I'll return it shortly. Just a little loan."
July 3 03:41 PM ペルニャ~!ペルニャ~~ペルニャ! #Rocketdan Persian: "Per-nya! Per-nya, Per-nya!" #Rocketdan
July 3 03:47 PM …よしよし、いい子だペルシアン。団員の諸君。サカキだ!今日も広報活動ご苦労。どうやらニャース達のラジオは……フッフッ。だが、世界征服にはまだまだ団員が足りぬ。諸君らの今後の更なる活動に期待する。 #Rocketdan Sakaki: "...there, there. Good boy, Persian. Followers. This is Sakaki! You have done a good job spreading the word about us today as well. As for Nyarth's radio show... Hm... We still need more members in order to conquer the world, though. You are expected to keep up the work you've been doing." #Rocketdan
July 3 08:25 PM 失礼しますニャ~!ニャニャ~。サカキ様は留守ニャのか~。って、サカキ様がラジオに反応してる?これはきっとスピード出世のチャンスニャ!これを見ればさらにお喜びにニャる事間違いニャしニャ。ふニャ~! #Rocketdan pic.twitter.com/AaPDRUZ7 Nyarth: "Apologies for the intrusion! Huh? So Sakaki-sama is out, huh? Wait, did he give feedback to our show? This is our chance to make speedy success! If he takes a look at this, he'll no doubt be overjoyed: Ta-dah!" #Rocketdan pic.twitter.com/AaPDRUZ7
July 3 11:45 PM 育て屋名鑑、お返ししまーっす。あっ、ペルシアンだ。スヤスヤといい感じ~に寝てるぞ~。気付かれないようにっと!棚に戻して・・・・。よし!ん?これは?AKBの本があるぞ?ボスってば?まぁ、いいや。今日はこれを借りて行こうっと!じゃぁな、ペルシアン!いい夢を~。 Kojiro: "Time to return the Day Care Directory. Oh, it's Persian. It seems to feel good, sleeping so peacefully. Well, looks like I made it without being seen. Back on the shelf you go, directory. There. Huh? What's this? A book on AKB? In the boss' shelf? Uh, ok. Well, I'll borrow this today. See ya, Persian. Pleasant dreams."
July 4 12:33 AM サカキ様は本当にお優しい。あのような者たちに手を差し伸べるとは……ニャース達にはどこまで期待して良いやら。それにしても私の愛読書が棚から無くなっているのは気のせいだろうか? サカキ秘書 #Rocketdan "Sakaki-sama sure is nice. Always giving a helping hand to these people... ...I wonder how much he actually expects of Nyarth and his partners, though. By the way, am I imagining things, or is my favorite book missing from the shelves? -Sakaki's Secretary" #Rocketdan
July 4 10:01 PM 団員の諸君。サカキだ!本日も広報活動ご苦労。… …トレンド1位。そして団員が2万人突破。これをニャースたちが…フッ。だが世界征服への道のりはまだ遠い。今後も更なる活動に期待する。優秀な育て屋の情報を待っているぞ。 #Rocketdan Sakaki: "Followers. This is Sakaki! You have done a good job spreading the word about us today as well. ... ...So, we're the hottest trending Twitter topic, and have exceeded 20 000 followers. Is this what Nyarth and his partners have... heh. However, we still have far to go before we can conquer the world. You are expected to keep up the work you've been doing. We're awaiting reports on skilled day care workers." #Rocketdan
July 5 09:55 PM 団員の諸君。こんばんニャ!第二回のラジオ放送まで後3日ニャ。そして、ニャんと!ゲストの育て屋が決定したニャ。どうやらオーキド博士の知り合いのようだニャ。 #Rocketdan Nyarth: "Followers. Good afternoon. Only 3 days left until our second radio broadcast now. And what do you know, we've decided on our guest. It appears to be an acquaintance of professor Okido." #Rocketdan
July 5 10:24 PM ん?ニャースの奴がTぶやいてるぞ?次回の育て屋が、オオキド博士の知り合い?!びみょーな書き方だなぁ~。ジャリンコのママか?みょーに仲良い感じだったし。研究好きのケンジか?まっ、来てからの楽しみかな。おっと、AKBの本を返さなきゃ・・・。おじゃましました~。 Kojiro: "What's this? Nyarth has been tweeting? Our next expert on raising Pokémon is an acquaintance of professor Okido?! That's a rather vague clue. Could it be the brat's mom? They seem to be getting along suspiciously well. Maybe it's that science geek Kenji? Well, it could be fun to have him on. Oh right, I gotta return the AKB book... Sorry for taking it like that."
July 6 09:01 PM ゴホン。サカキ様は本当にお忙しい人じゃ。いったい何時お休みになられてるのやら。んっ!これはAKBの本。無くなったと思っていたがここにあったか…最近は、歳で記憶があいまいになってきたようじゃ。これはライブに行かねば! ‪#Rocketdan‬ Secretary: "Hum. Sakaki-sama certainly is a busy person. I wonder when on Earth he actually rests. Hey, here's the AKB book. I thought it was gone, but here it is... I must be going senile. I should go to one of their concerts." #Rocketdan‬
July 7 03:01 PM 第2回目の放送が、もう明日に迫ってる?一週間って早いなぁ~。明日は何をやらされるやら・・・。テンション高めにいかないとなぁ。ん?相変わらず、ムサシのつぶやきは無しか・・・、まっ、あいつがやるとも思えんし。 Kojiro: "Wow, we're broadcasting our second episode tomorrow already? Man, this week went by in a flash. Wonder what I'll be set to do tomorrow...? I really should gear myself up for this. Hm. Musashi still hasn't tweeted anything, I see... Well, I didn't really expect her to, either."
July 7 03:05 PM おっ?団員のみんな、結構育て屋のアイディアを出してくれてるじゃん。シゲル、デント、アイリス、タケシかぁ~。とりあえず、メモメモ!決めるのは俺じゃないけど、団員のつぶやきは、大事にしないとなぁ~。しっかし、ボスの部屋はいつも綺麗だなぁ~。 Kojiro: "Oh. You followers have all come up with ideas for people skilled in raising Pokemon. Shigeru, Dent, Iris, Takeshi... Time to take notes! I may not be the one who decides on the guests, but I still value our followers' tweets. Mm, and the boss' room is always so pretty..."
July 7 11:05 PM ニャニャ!それにしてもコジロウ張り切ってるニャ~。ニャ~も負けてられないのニャ。二回目の放送もいよいよ明日ニャし。ムサシにもツイッターの使い方教えてみようかニャ。無駄かもしれニャいけど。 ‪#Rocketdan‬ Nyarth: "Oh my. Kojiro is really fired up. And I'm not gonna be any worse. The broadcast of the second episode will finally happen tomorrow. I'll see if I can't teach Musashi to use Twitter, too. Might be a lost cause, though." ‪#Rocketdan‬
July 8 01:15 PM 団員の諸君。こんにちはニャ。いよいよ今日19時から第二回ラジオが放送だニャ。これを聞いて、どんどんロケット団員を増やして欲しいのニャ。なお、今日の放送は新企画があるニャ。ちょっとした画像を放送中にうぴーするニャ。お楽しみに! ‪#Rocketdan‬ Nyarth: "Followers. Greetings. The second episode of the radio show will finally be broadcast today at 19. I really hope a lot of people will join the Rocket Gang after listening to this. Also, we'll do something new today; while broadcasting, we'll be upping some pictures. We hope you'll enjoy it!" ‪#Rocketdan‬
July 8 06:08 PM うぉーーっ、一時間前だぁ!ニャースが言っていたダンボールって、これか?ったく、人使いが荒いんだから・・・。なんだ、軽いじゃん!そう言えば、まだムサシを見てないなぁ~・・・、遅刻か?あと、番組スタートまで50分しかないぞぉ~! Kojiro: "Oooh, one hour to go! Let's see, is this the cardboard Nyarth told me to get? Man, he treats his partners like his slaves... Oh hey, at least it's pretty light! By the way, I haven't seen Musashi around yet... is she late? We only have 50 minutes left until broadcast!"‬
July 8 06:15 PM なに?うPは、うっぴーじゃなくて、うっぷ?へぇ~そうなんだぁ~。でも、もう遅いかも・・・。ムサシは、かなりうっぴーが気に入っている~。せっかくアドバイスをもらったが、我がロケット団はうっぴーで通す事にする!(でないとムサシに何されるか・・・)。おっと!それよりムサシを捜さないと! Kojiro: "Huh? You say it's called "uploading", not "upping"? I see. It's a bit too late, though. Musashi is quite fond of the term "upping", so while we appreciate the advice, the Rocket Gang will still refer to it as "upping"! (If we didn't, I don't know what Musashi would do...) Oh right, I gotta go look for her!"‬
July 8 06:19 PM なになに?リアルタイムで聴けない?そうかぁ~。Web配信も色々あるらしいから、オンエアーに近いのを選んで聴いてくれよ!今度、詳細をニャースにつぶやかせるからな!っていうか、ムサシを捜してたんだ!そう言えば、ロビーに座っていた男の人、あの人が今日の育て屋さんか? Kojiro: "Now what's this? You're unable to listen to us live? Well... it appears there are lot of web radio services offering recordings shortly after the show airs, you'll be able to listen to those. I'll ask Nyarth to tweet about the details later. Right now I gotta look for Musashi! By the way, that man sitting in the lobby... is that our guest for today?"‬
July 8 06:20 PM ムサシーーーーーどこだーぁ?! Kojiro: "Musashiiiiiiiiiiii! Where are yoooou?!"‬
July 8 06:29 PM ムサシがいないぃぃぃ~っ!このままだと第2回にして、俺とニャースのみの放送に・・・。つぶやきの情報は~。なになに?あっちあっち?はい?ここだぁぁぁぁぁ?ムサシだったら俺の隣で寝てる?・・・そ、それはワイルドだぜぇ~!って、遊んでる場合じゃないっつーのっ!ムサシー!!!! Kojiro: "I can't find Musashi anywhere!!!! It looks like Nyarth and I will have to do the second episode alone... As for the tweets... Wait? What? What's this? Huh? Is that where you are? Were you sleeping next to me the entire time, Musashi? That's crazy! Hey, this isn't the time to be playing around! Musashi!!!!‬
July 8 06:43 PM ムーーーサーーーシーーーっ! Kojiro: "Muuuuusaaaaashiiiiiiii!"‬
July 8 06:43 PM ペルニャ? Persian: "Per-nya?"‬
July 8 06:43 PM ムサシ? Kojiro: "Musashi?"‬
July 8 06:44 PM ペル? Persian: "Per?"‬
July 8 06:44 PM 紛らわしいんだよっ!ペルシアン! Kojiro: "Oops, looks like I was mistaken!" Persian: "Persian!"‬
July 8 06:49 PM 団員の皆さん、実に残念なご報告があります。本日の第2回、ポケモンラジオ、ロケット団ひみつ帝国ですが、ムサシがいな・・・・・     ん? Kojiro: "To all our members, I have a truly unfortunate announcement to make. The second episode of the Pokémon Radio show The Rocket Gang's Secret Empire, to be broadcast today, will not feature Musa... huh?"‬
July 8 06:52 PM いましたーーーっ!ムサシがいました!おまんじゅうを買いに行っていたようです!ってなわけで、放送まであと10分!打ち合わせがほとんど無しのぶっつけ本番状態で行く事になりそうです!今週もハイテンションだぁ~!お騒がせしましたっ! Kojiro: "There she is! It's Musashi! She had just gone to buy rice cakes! Anyway, as I was saying, we will be broadcasting in 10 minutes! We will be doing a mostly unprepared and completely improvised show today! Man, I'm really over-excited today, too! I'm so sorry for this entire mess!"‬
July 8 06:55 PM 5分前!みんなぁ~!ラジオのスタンバイだぜぇ~!それじゃ、番組で会おう! Kojiro: "5 more minutes! Get your radios ready, everyone! See you in the show!"‬
July 8 07:20 PM QQ(ダブルキュー)から送られてきたブツはこれニャ! うぴーその1 ‪#Rocketdan‬ pic.twitter.com/xWa0eVYX Nyarth: "This is what QQ sent us! Upping the first pic!" ‪#Rocketdan‬ pic.twitter.com/xWa0eVYX
July 8 07:20 PM うぴーその2ニャ! ‪#Rocketdan‬ pic.twitter.com/ZbjSK5Lq Nyarth: "Upping the second pic!" ‪#Rocketdan‬ pic.twitter.com/ZbjSK5Lq
July 8 07:22 PM うぴーその3ニャ! ‪#Rocketdan‬ pic.twitter.com/H29ECWv8 Nyarth: "Upping the third pic!" ‪#Rocketdan‬ pic.twitter.com/H29ECWv8
July 8 09:02 PM ニャは~!今日の放送はどうだったかニャ?それにしても食べ物の事となるとムサシは…コジロウも心配性過ぎるしニャ。やっぱりニャ~がいないとだめなのニャ。でも団員の反応も良いみたいニャし。この調子で頑張るニャ!ビクトリー!ニャんだかとってもいい感じ~! ‪#Rocketdan‬ Nyarth: "And there we are! What did you think of today's show? Well, there's that thing with Musashi and food... and Kojiro definitely worries way too much. If not for me, this thing would be doomed from the get-go. The feedback from you followers seems positive, though. Keep it up! Victory! Someway, somehow, this feels good!" ‪#Rocketdan‬
July 8 09:11 PM ニャを、今日の放送を聞けなかったと言うみんニャは、明日から期間限定配信のウエブラジオかポッドキャストを聞くニャ。ではバイニャら! ‪#Rocketdan‬ Nyarth: "Oh yeah, and for those of you who didn't get to listen to today's broadcast, it will be be available for a limited time through web radio, as well as as a podcast. Bye for now!" ‪#Rocketdan‬
July 10 02:18 PM ペルニャ? Persian: "Per-nya?"‬
July 10 02:18 PM よ~!ペルシアン~。今日もボスは留守かい?ちょっとお邪魔するよ~。静かにしててなぁ~。 Kojiro: "Yo!" Persian: "Persian." Kojiro: "Oh, the boss is gone today, too? Sorry, I'll have to disturb you just a little bit. I'll be as quiet as I can.‬"
July 10 02:23 PM 25000にも到達してないかぁ~。70億人には、ほど遠いなぁ~。おーっ!でも、団員のみんなは結構つぶやいてくてれんじゃん!嬉しいねぇ~。なになに?30分では短い?1時間番組にして欲しい?あははは、あのテンションで1時間やったら、どうなることやら・・・。まっ、とりあえずはメモメモ。 Kojiro: "Aw, we haven't even reached 25 000 followers yet? We got a long way to go until we reach 7 billion. Oh, I see you gang members have been tweeting us a lot, though. That makes me happy. Now what's this? You think 30 minutes is too short? You want an hour-long show? ‬Hahah, I don't know if I'd be able to keep at it for an entire hour... I'll make a note of it, though."
July 10 02:33 PM おっと!つぶやきチェックも良いが、次のゲストを考えないと~!育て屋名鑑、育て屋名鑑!・・・・あった!お借りしま~す! Kojiro: "Oh right! I was having so much fun checking tweets, I forgot about our next guest. Let's see, Day Care Directory, Day Care Directory... Ah, here it is! I'll be borrowing this, then!"
July 10 03:51 PM はニャ~。あつい、あつすぎるニャ。ラジオは絶好調にゃのに、ニャーは、ニャんだか調子がでニャいのニャ。はニャ~。 ‪#Rocketdan‬ Nyarth: "Ugh. I'm so hot... Feels like I'm burning up. The radio show is doing great, but I'm afraid I can't say the same for me. Uuh." ‪#Rocketdan‬
July 10 04:04 PM はニャ~。団員の諸君。放送を聞き逃した人はウエブラジオを聞くニャ。あにてれ、キッズステーション、アニメイトTV、のいずれかで期間限定で聞けるニャ。はニャ~…それにしても体に力が入らないのニャ。 ‪#Rocketdan‬ Nyarth: "Ugh. Followers. Those of you who missed the broadcast can listen to the web radio. It's available for a limited time on both AniTV, Kids Station and Animate TV. Uhh... I'm completely exhausted." ‪#Rocketdan‬
July 10 04:08 PM ペルニャ~ペルニャ、ペル、ペルニャ! Persian: "Per-nya Per-nya, Per, Per-nya!"‬
July 10 06:12 PM ニャニャに。おミャーみたいな奴に、サカキ様は期待してニャいから調子が良くても悪くてもかわらニャいって。……はニャ~そうニャにょか~。おミャーは自信満々でいいのニャ。はニャ~言い返す気力も無いのニャ。 ‪#Rocketdan‬ Nyarth: "What did you say? That no matter what condition someone like me is in, Sakaki-sama's expectations of me will still be zero? ...Ugh. That's what you think, huh? Well aren't you sure of yourself. Gah, I'm so weak I can't even muster up a reply."‬ #Rocketdan
July 11 11:22 AM おはよ~う~。育て屋名鑑お返ししまーす~。・・・ん?なんだ、ニャースの奴「はぁ~」「はぁ~」とため息ばっかり。五月病か?ってか、七月だし。ラジオの立ち上げなんかで疲れたのかなぁ~?おっ!これは今週末公開のポケモンの本じゃないか!表紙は、ケルディオとメロエッタかぁ。俺たちの姿は・・ Kojiro: "Good morning. I'm here to return the Day Care Directory. ...huh? Nyarth is just lying there breathing heavily. Is it spring fatigue? Oh wait, it's summer, can't be that. Did he get exhausted from all the work he did setting up the radio show? Oh hey, isn't this a book on the Pokémon premiering this weekend? It's got Keldeo and Meloetta on the cover. As for our role..."‬
July 11 11:24 AM 一応、内容だけは把握しとかないとなぁ~。ボス~お借りしますよ~。追伸、ニャース、元気出せよ!風邪の時は、ちゃんと病院に行けよ!・・・これで、よしっと。 Kojiro: "Well, I don't know much about the content yet. I'll borrow this book for a while, boss. As for you, Nyarth, shape up! If you got a cold, drop by the hospital for a bit! Well, I'm off."‬
July 12 01:49 AM はニャ!ふニャ~。また夢を見てしまったのニャ。体があつくて寝付けないのニャ。ニャ?… …こんニャところにおいしいみずが。 元気出せニャース コジロウより。ってはニャ~。ありがとなのニャ。これでゆっくり寝れるはずニャ。 ‪#Rocketdan‬ Nyarth: "Ugh. Ooh. I had that dream again. I'm sweating so badly I can't even sleep. Huh? ...A bottle of Fresh Water? And this note says "Get well, Nyarth -Kojiro". Why thank you. This should help me sleep." #Rocketdan‬
July 12 04:00 PM おっ、ニャースの奴、水は飲んだようだな。そうだ!ボスのこのパソコンで調べてみよう。ニャースの状態は・・・、ため息が増える。いろんなことが、手につかなくなる。食事がのどを通らなくなる。よし、検索!この症状の病名はっと!エンター・キー! Kojiro: "Ah, looks like Nyarth drank the water. I got an idea, too! Let's look this thing up on the boss' computer. Now let's see, Nyarth's symptoms are... hm, he breathes more heavily. Concentration problems. Poor appetite. There, now let's do a search and find out what disease he has. Aaand... Enter!"‬
July 12 04:05 PM 出た出た!なにーーーっ?アンサー・・・「恋煩い」?なになに?医学の力では治らないとされている「病」のこと。対処法は?・・・一定の時間がたてば、自然と回復されると言われている。本人の想いを成就させること?・・・ん~、ニャースの想いかぁ~。おっ!そうだ!俺が愛のキューピットに! Kojiro: "There we go! Wait, what...? The disease he has is... lovesickness? What the...? "This is a "disease" that can't be cured through medical means." How do you treat it, then? "Supposedly heals on its own over time. Also goes away when the person's longings are satisfied"‬. ...Nyarth's longings, huh? Ok then, I got it! I shall play cupid!"
July 12 04:08 PM おーーーーっ!団員24999!次の人が2万5千人目!これもニャースに報告だ! Kojiro: "Oooooh! We got 24 999 members now! The next person to join will be number twenty-five thousand! I made sure to tell Nyarth!"
July 13 08:27 AM はニャ~。今日もモヤモヤするニャ。ニャンニャろこの気持ちは?それにしても団員がだいぶ増えたのニャ。はニャ?恋煩いとニャ?コジロウがニャ~のためにキユーピットに!それってもしかして… ‪#Rocketdan‬ Nyarth: "Ugh. I feel like a mess today, too. Just what is this feeling? Either way, it looks like we've got a huge increase in followers. Huh? This is lovesickness? Kojiro is going to play cupid for me? Does that mean...?" #Rocketdan
July 14 08:54 PM 団員の諸君。本日の活動ご苦労だった。団員も25000人を突破。優秀な人材が集まってきているようだな。しかし我々の目標は世界征服だ。今後の更なる活動に期待している。それにしてもニャース達… …フッ。 ‪ Sakaki: "Followers. You have done good work spreading the word today. We have obtained more than 25 000 members. It seems we have gathered several highly skilled workers. However our goal is world conquest. You will be expected to keep up the work you've been doing. As for Nyarth and his partners... hm."
July 14 09:00 PM ペル?ペルニャ~~~ン!! Persian: "Per? Per-nyaaaaaaaan!!"
July 14 09:33 PM ペル?!フゥゥゥゥゥ!!! Persian: "Per?! Hissssss!!!"
July 14 09:36 PM おっと、ペルシアン!俺で俺だ!大人しくしてくれ~・・・。ん?ボスはお帰りになってるのか・・・。25000人を突破した事をお喜びになられているご様子!良かった良かった!ニャースは、このボスのつぶやきをまだ見てないんだな・・・。見れば少しは元気になるかもな? Kojiro: "Woah, woah, Persian! It's only me! Don't worry, I'll be quiet. Huh, so the boss is back? And it seems he's happy we made it past 25 000! Excellent! Doesn't look like Nyarth has seen this tweet of the boss' yet, though... Maybe it'd perk him up a bit if he did?"
July 14 09:39 PM そうそう!ニャースのためと思って、さっきセブンイレブンに行って来たんだ~。で、これを見ればきっと幸せな気分になれるはずだぁ~。さっそく、ここにうPしておくからなぁ~w。ニャース、早く元気になれよ!そして、明日のラジオも頑張るんだぞ!明日もニャースのための仕掛けがあるからなぁ~。 Kojiro: "All right, then! I just went to 7-Eleven to grab a little something for Nyarth. If he takes a look at this, his mood should improve a bit. lol, I'll upload it right away. Nyarth, hurry up and get better. And make sure to do your best on the radio tomorrow! I got something planned for you tomorrow too."
July 14 09:47 PM あっと!うP忘れてた!うPっとな! pic.twitter.com/tGYb6Ng6 Kojiro: "Oops, forgot to upload the picture! There we go!" pic.twitter.com/tGYb6Ng6
July 14 09:48 PM もひとつおまけだ!うPっとな! pic.twitter.com/W6cPw1t8 Kojiro: "And here's a little extra! Uploaded!" pic.twitter.com/W6cPw1t8
July 14 09:49 PM よーし!あとは、明日のラジオでニャースが喜んでくれれば!ビクトリー! ペルシアン、またなっ! Kojiro: "There! This should cheer Nyarth up for tomorrow's show! Victory! See ya, Persian!"
July 14 09:49 PM ペル? Persian: "Per?"
July 14 11:50 PM はニャ~。今日も眠れないのニャ。恋煩いかニャ~。って、コジロウ… …ニャは~! ニャは~!うっ、うっ、コジロウ… …おミャ~は、おミャ~は最高ニャ~!明日のラジオはニャ~のテンションはマックスニャ。きっともう大丈夫ニャ。しかと受け止めたのニャ! ‪#Rocketdan‬ Nyarth: "Uugh. I can't seem to sleep today either. So this is lovesickness, huh? Huh, Kojiro has... ugh. Uuh. I.. I... Kojiro, you... you're amazing! I am so ready for tomorrow's show! I'm perfectly fine and ready to go! That certainly did the trick!" #Rocketdan
July 15 10:21 AM はニャ~!よく寝たニャ。元気100倍マンタインニャ。それにしてもコジロウのうぴーは良かったのニャ~。ニャんどみても可愛いのニャ~。距離感も絶妙ニャ。団員のみんニャも映画館でメロエッタちゃんの素敵な歌声聴いたかニヤ? ‪#Rocketdan‬ Nyarth: "Yawn! I slept great. And after that bit of Mantain-ance, my body is operating at full force. Thank goodness Kojiro upped those pictures. I can't get over how cute they look no matter how much I look at them. And the sense of distance in the pictures... perfect. You followers have all heard Meloetta-chan's beautiful singing in the theater, right? " #Rocketdan
July 15 10:26 AM それにしてもコジロウのやつ、今日放送のゲストは俺がニャゴシエートのするって言ってたけど、まだ何も連絡はニャ~し、大丈夫なのかニャ? ‪#Rocketdan‬ Nyarth: "On a different subject, Kojiro said he'd set things up with today's guest, but I haven't heard anything back from him yet. Wonder if everything's ok." #Rocketdan
July 15 05:33 PM 団員の諸君。第3回のラジオ放送まであと二時間を切ったニャ!今日も盛り上がっていくニャ。って今日の育てやが誰なのか連絡ニャいし、コジロウの姿も見えないのニャ。ムサシはまたお菓子食べてるし。こんなんで大丈夫かニャ?? ‪#Rocketdan‬ Nyarth: "Followers, only 2 hours remain until the broadcast of our third episode! We'll make sure to give you a great show today, too. I still haven't heard anything about who today's day care worker is, though, and Kojiro is nowhere to be found. And Musashi ran off for snacks again. Can we really run this thing like this??" #Rocketdan
July 15 05:56 PM ペル? Persian: "Per?"
July 15 05:57 PM ラッシャ? "Hello?"
July 15 05:57 PM ペルニャ~~ン? Persian: "Per-nyaan?"
July 15 05:57 PM ラッシャイ? "Hello?"
July 15 05:57 PM ペニャーーーーッ! Persian: "Pe-nyaaa!"
July 15 05:58 PM ア、アガリッ! "Ooh, it got posted!"
July 15 05:58 PM ペルニャ~~~ン♪ Persian: "Per-nyaaan♪"
July 15 06:14 PM ! ♪ !  ッィ#ッ        ター634 ! # "! ♪ !  ッィ#ッ        ター634 ! #"
July 15 06:14 PM あ!今のはムサシがやったのニャ。ツイッターの練習中ニャ!!うまくできたと喜んでるニャ!!‪#Rocketdan‬ Nyarth: "Oh, that just now was just Musashi. She's practicing tweeting!! Looks like she figured it out, that's good!!" #Rocketdan‬
July 15 06:37 PM ニャニャ!コジロウやっと来たのニャ。ニャニャ?ニャニャ?一緒にいるニョは今日の育てやかニャ?ってあニョ人は、もしかしてもしかして、愛しのあの子の育てやじゃニャ~か?コジロウーーーーーー! ‪#Rocketdan‬ Nyarth: "Wha-! Kojiro just returned. What? Wait, what? Is that today's day care worker you got with you? But it can't be... can it? Is that really the person who raised my beloved? Oh Kojirooooooooooo!" #Rocketdan‬
July 15 06:56 PM さぁ、5分を切った!行ってくるぜ! Kojiro: "Well then, 5 minutes left! Here we go!"
July 15 06:57 PM さあ!みんニャ。今日も、いや!今日はさらに張り切っていくニャ! ‪#Rocketdan‬ Nyarth: "All right, everyone! Today we'll also... no, today we'll go way and beyond what you're used to!" #Rocketdan
July 15 07:19 PM うぴーその2ニャ! ‪#Rocketdan‬ pic.twitter.com/yNJ7SO4S Nyarth: "Upping pic 2!" #Rocketdan pic.twitter.com/yNJ7SO4S
July 15 07:19 PM うぴーその1ニャ! ‪#Rocketdan‬ pic.twitter.com/Vdx3R6Sw Nyarth: "Upping pic 1!" #Rocketdan pic.twitter.com/Vdx3R6Sw
July 15 07:40 PM うぉーーっ!今回も無事に終了~。団員のみんなは聴いてくれたかな?ニャースもメロエッタちゃんの育て屋さんの登場で、元気になったし。まずは、良かった良かった。さて、ロケハンにでも出掛けるかな・・・。みんな!暑いから、気を付けてな!ビクトリー! Kojiro: "Ah, another show comleted without any problems. Were you all listening? Nyarth got so excited when the day care worker who raised Meloetta-chan came on. That worked like a charm. Well, now I gotta leave to scout for locations... Everyone! Be careful in the heat! Victory!"
July 15 10:16 PM 団員の諸君。今日の放送どうだったかニャ?やっぱりメロエッタちゃんはかわいいのニャ!にゃを、ポケモン花火のくわしい情報は http://www.pokemon.co.jp/withU/ でみられるニャ! では来週もビクトリー いい感じ~! ‪#Rocketdan‬ Nyarth: "Followers. What did you think of today's show? Meloetta-chan sure is cute, isn't she? For further information on the Pokémon fireworks show, see http://www.pokemon.co.jp/withU/! Let's aim for victory next week too! This feels good!" #Rocketdan
July 16 9:33 PM ロケ、終了~。結構いい感じのコメントが録れたなぁ~。この暑いのにガキンチョ達は、元気に劇場に映画を観に来てくれてたし。ん?ポケモンセンターへのロケ希望が随分と多いなぁ~。よーし!次はポケモンセンターを提案してみよう!
July 16 9:42 PM おっと~、その前に。来週の育て屋だぁ~。団員達は誰を?なになに・・・?デントとシンジの知り合い、ソーナンスの育て屋、デスマス、ゼニガメ、ヘイガニの育て屋。山寺さんに、しょこたん?あははは・・・、これは無理だろう?サカキ様の公認ではないから、資金がなぁ~。
July 16 9:46 PM ペルニャァ~ン・・・
July 16 9:46 PM まっ、とりあえずは団員たちの希望をメモしてっと・・・。ついでに育て屋名鑑も、またお借りして行こう~。んんっ!?ムサシがつぶやきを!?ははは、なんだこりゃ?暗号だな、まるでw。では、ボス~お借りして行きまーす!
July 18 9:11 PM ペル?!
July 18 9:12 PM オッス!ペルシアン! おっじゃましま~っす!ボス~、育て屋名鑑をお返しに~。
July 18 9:13 PM それと~、ボスに俺たちの事を忘れないように~。これを置いて行こう!
July 18 9:17 PM おっと!団員も見たいかなぁ~?じゃぁ、うっぴーだ! pic.twitter.com/cCSUgwri
July 18 9:18 PM さらに、もう一枚!うっぴっぴとな! pic.twitter.com/9YjtgDjV
July 18 9:18 PM こんなのもどうだ?うっぴっとな! pic.twitter.com/DMKRSgQj
July 18 9:20 PM あっ、ちなみに書いてあることはギャグだから、本気にするなよ!あくまでも、しゃれだからな!にしても、俺たちのグッズが少ないよなぁ~・・・。どこにお願いすればいいやら~。歌だって、もう随分と歌って無いし・・・。
July 18 9:28 PM そうそう!こんなものを作ったぜ! pic.twitter.com/DQ4HjIet
July 18 9:39 PM ペウニャ?
July 18 9:39 PM おっと、そろそろ出ないとやばいな・・・。じゃぁな、ペルシアン!
July 19 6:08 PM 団員の諸君。サカキだ。イッシュ地方制圧に向けたミッション、オペレーションテンペストは着実に進行中だ。 ニャース達の行動に注目せよ。鍵を握るのはメロエッタの歌だ! #Rocketdan
July 20 5:28 PM ニャは~!団員の諸君。元気に活動してるかニャ?コジロウの劇場ロケレポート大丈夫かニャ?今週の放送まで後2日なのニャ。それにしても今年の映画では、久しぶりにニャーとソーナンスで大活躍したニャ。あ~また会いたいニャ~! #Rocketdan
July 21 5:27 PM ペルニャ~ペルニャ~。ペル?
July 21 5:30 PM ボス、失礼しま~っす。よっ!ペルシアン。まずは団員のつぶやきをチェックっと。お~!ステッカー評判良いみたいだなっ。にしても、ニャースは心配性だなぁ。ロケレポートはバッチリだぜ~。んっ!ソーナンスかぁ。ムサシも喜ぶだろうし。っていうかオレ…… #Rocketdan
July 21 7:16 PM 団員のリクエストも多かったから、すでにソーナンスの育てやをネゴシエート済みだったぜ!これは明日も盛り上がる事間違いなしだな! ムサシ絶対喜ぶぞ。 #Rocketdan
July 22 12:57 PM 団員の諸君。こんにちニャ。第4回の放送は19時からニャ。今日は番組初のロケレポートをコジロウがお届けするニャ。ニャ~もどんな感じか聞かされてニャーけどバッチリだって言うしきっと大丈夫ニャ。って、ソーナンスにあえるのニヤ?コジローーーウ!おまえって奴は… #Rocketdan
July 22 6:34 PM 団員のみんニャ。こんばんニャ。あと30分で放送開始ニャ。それにしても今日はムサシ、全然つまみ食いしないニャ。本番に備えて気合い入ってるニャ~! #Rocketdan
July 22 6:38 PM !! ♪ソー   ナ♪ンス♪♪ !!   ? ?? ---- 634♪#
July 22 6:50 PM ニャニャ!?ムサシノリノリでつぶやいてる!って、テンション高いニャ。でも、よだれ垂れてるニャ。大丈夫かニャ? #Rocketdan
July 22 6:55 PM さぁて、団員のみんニャ。後五分で本番ニャ!今日も盛り上がっていくのニャ!では行ってくるニャ! #Rocketdan
July 22 7:19 PM うぴーその1 #Rocketdan pic.twitter.com/LtOydNEz
July 22 7:21 PM うぴーその2 #Rocketdan pic.twitter.com/7StTZvKr
July 22 7:23 PM うぴーその3 #Rocketdan pic.twitter.com/DLsaMDcc
July 22 7:25 PM うぴーその4 #Rocketdan pic.twitter.com/CuxDMCp5
July 24 9:39 AM 団員のみんニャ。おはようニャ。第4回のラジオはどうだったかニャ?ソーナンスと久しぶりに会えて本当に楽しかったニャ。聞き逃したと言う団員はウエブラジオで配信中なので是非聞いてくれニャ。次回もビクトリー! #Rocketdan
July 26 9:07 AM 団員の諸君。暑い日が続きますが元気に活動してますかニャ?ってニャんだか暑中見舞いみたいだニャ。今度のラジオも暑さを吹き飛ばすくらい気合い入れた内容にするつもりニャ。気になるゲストは… … #Rocketdan
July 26 2:29 PM ペル?ペルル~ァン~
July 26 2:32 PM おー!ペルシアン~。ボスの部屋は涼しくてご機嫌だなぁ~。さて、次回の育て屋さんを選ばないとなぁ~。育て屋名鑑、育て屋名鑑っと~。・・・あった!
July 26 2:42 PM そうだ!団員のつぶやきもチェック、チェック!なになに~?タケシときたら、カスミも来ますね? ・・・ふふふ、俺たちは悪のロケット団!期待されるとはずしたくなるんだよな~。シゲルかぁ~、確かに強いポケモンを持っていたなぁ~。メモメモ・・・。サブウェイマスター?誰だ、そりゃ?
July 26 2:46 PM なになに?ステッカーやフィギュアをプレゼントしてくれ?少ない予算でやっと作ったステッカー・・・。団員に送るのに郵送費がかかるのをすっかり忘れていた・・・w。ニャースのフィギュアは、某コンビニでくじでゲット出来るぜ!あれは、俺が当てたんだ!自慢のコレクションだから、あげられない!
July 26 2:49 PM 30分は短い?そうかぁ~?俺はラジオが終わったら、もうヘロヘロだぜ?1時間になったら・・・。考えるだけで、ゾッとするね。それより、団員の数が伸びていないとQQから怒られてる。ラジオそのものが、もうすぐ終わる可能性さえあるんだぜ?大人の事情って怖いよな・・・。みんな!頑張ってくれ!
July 26 2:54 PM 新商品のコーナー?そんなのあったっけ?大人の事情?新アイテムの事か!あのコーナーは、QQの事情だな。大人の事情は関係して無い。QQが面白いと見っけたものを俺たちで試して、楽しんでいるだけだ。面白いものが無くなったら、自然とコーナーも無くなるさ!俺たちは規則とか、常識が嫌いなんだ。
July 26 2:57 PM 俺たちのグッズ・・・。王冠は俺だけのものだから、可愛い団員たちの希望でも、これだけは出せない。レプリカであっても。コレクターって、そんなもんさ。にしても、グッズは欲しいよな。ポケモンセンターに調査に入るか・・・。忍び込んで、グッズを入れ替えてくるか・・・。入れ替えるグッズが無い~
July 26 3:01 PM なんだなんだ?こんな時間に団員たちからのつぶやきがバンバン来るぞ?休みなのか?仕事中につぶやいているのか?つぶやく暇があるんなら、団員を増やす努力をしてくれ!とりあえずの目標は30000人だ!70億人には、ほど遠いが。なんとか夏までは、ラジオを続けたい!1か月で終了じゃ・・・
July 26 3:02 PM ペル?    ペルゥ~・・・・
July 26 3:06 PM ペルシアン・・・。ありがとうな、心配してくれてんのか?大丈夫だ。団員たちが、きっと頑張ってくれるさ!俺は信じてる。ニャースやムサシのラジオの時の、あんな楽しい顔・・・。特にムサシは、新アイテムの食い物の時の顔は・・・。よーっし!びっくりするような育て屋を呼んで、一気に盛り上げるぞ
July 26 3:10 PM 「今日フォロワー3万人行った人がポケモン関係者にいます」 ヒィッ!?こ、こんな事をつぶやいちゃダメだ!俺たちロケット団の人気がイマイチな事を証明しているようなもんじゃないか・・・。そうか、育て屋たちもつぶやきをやっている奴がいるのか。そいつらをゲットすれば~w。情報をありがとよ!
July 26 3:13 PM 夏休みなう?・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・いいなぁ
July 26 3:29 PM ペル?
July 26 3:30 PM ペルニャ~~ン
July 27 3:14 AM ミンナ! twi      iiiiit ツー ィ-ト♪        --39--!!! …………zzz… #634 #R
July 27 9:37 AM ムサシ…徹夜でツイッターの練習してたのかニャ。よく寝てるニャ。にしてもお腹だしてたら風邪引くのニャ。今週の放送まで後3日……ここが頑張りどころニャ。起きたらニャー特製のとうしょう麺をご馳走するニャ! #Rocketdan
July 27 7:42 PM ニャ!ニャ!とニヤ!!!!よく練ってと。にょ~し!いいもちもち感ニャ。お次は、はニャ!!!!みだれひっかき!!!!!ニャニャニャニャ!!!!とニャ~~~~~~!後はゆで時間に注意して。……………出来上がりニャ!これでムサシも喜ぶはずニャ! #Rocketdan
July 28 6:16 PM 団員の諸君。サカキだ。イッシュ地方制圧制圧に向けたミッションは順調に進行中だ。海底に眠る遺跡を復活する事が出来れば……フッ!我らロケット団の世界征服の足がかりとなるだろう。諸君等の更なる活躍を期待する。 #Rocketdan
July 29 2:40 PM ニャは~!今日も暑いのニャ~。団員の諸君は元気かニャ?本日は第五回のラジオ放送ニャ。インターエフエムにて19時からなので聞き逃さないようにニャ!そして今日のゲストは15年連続映画出演で某番組の名司会もつとめる超大物らしいニャ。 #Rocketdan
July 29 4:28 PM おっ?部屋が綺麗になってる?!ボスが戻って来たのかな?見付からない様に、育て屋名鑑を戻してっと。ニャースの奴、こんなヒントじゃ団員にはバレバレじゃないかっ!ったく・・・。
July 29 4:31 PM あー・・・なんだか緊張するなぁ~。あと2時間半かぁ~。育て屋さん紹介の無茶ぶりの音楽が問題だなぁ~。メチャメチャ音楽っていうか、リズム感ある人だからなぁ~。ちゃんと出来るかなぁ~。って、今さら悩んでも仕方ないか・・・。なるようになれ!それこそ、俺たちロケット団さ!
July 29 4:36 PM そうだ!あいさつも大事だなぁ~。おっぱっぴー!いや、なんだか違うぞ・・・。オッパー!いや、夜だからなぁ~・・・。コンバ~!・・・余計に緊張してきた。団員のつぶやきでも見るか。
July 29 4:41 PM おー!東北から応援かぁ~。そう言えば、今日のゲストも仙台だったなぁ~。びっきの会?とか言ってたかなぁ~。よ、予算の心配までしてくれてる団員がいるじゃないかぁ~!ありがとう!今のところ、3万が目標なんだ!俺も頑張るけど、みんなも頑張ってくれ!ムサシも一生懸命つぶやき始めてるし!
July 29 4:45 PM 夏祭りに行くから聴けない?!・・・そうかぁ、そんな時期だなぁ~。一度は行ってみたいなぁ~夏祭り。ポケモン音頭とか?そう言えば、小林幸子さんが、ガルーラ小林で歌っていたっけ~。なんだか、懐かしいなぁ~・・・。おっと、感傷に浸ってる場合じゃないっ。夏祭りにもラジオを持って行け!
July 29 4:49 PM そろそろ2時間前。ロビーにお迎えに行くかなぁ~。
July 29 6:37 PM ニャは~!放送まで30分を切ったニャ!そしてすまんニャコジロウ。サービス問題過ぎたニャ。にしても夏祭りの会場でラジオとは風流ですニャ! #Rocketdan
July 29 6:59 PM ♪ ♪♪〜 634!
July 29 7:17 PM うぴーその2 #Rocketdan pic.twitter.com/YJ4i6iLV
July 29 7:17 PM うぴーその1 #Rocketdan pic.twitter.com/8HiXJ4yl
July 29 7:18 PM うぴーその4 #Rocketdan pic.twitter.com/15dckovq
July 29 7:18 PM うぴーその3 #Rocketdan pic.twitter.com/B54UsDWp
July 29 7:19 PM うぴーその5 #Rocketdan pic.twitter.com/9RL5VGKc
July 29 7:20 PM うぴーその6 #Rocketdan pic.twitter.com/6xE3q8CT

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