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Move Details

Freeze-Dry Introduced in Generation 6


Types Move Type Damage Class Special
PP 20
Power 70
Accuracy 100


Language Local Name
Chinese (Cantonese Hong Kong) 冷凍乾燥
Chinese (Mandarin Taiwan) 冷冻干燥
English Freeze-Dry
French Lyophilisation
German Gefriertrockner
Italian Liofilizzazione
Japanese フリーズドライ
Korean 프리즈드라이
Spanish Liofilización

Damage Done

Bug Dark Dragon Electric Fairy Fighting Fire Flying Ghost Grass Ground Ice Normal Poison Psychic Rock Steel Water
2x 0.5x 2x 2x 2x 0.5x 0.5x 0.5x

Pokémon List

By Level Up

Articuno Type Icon Type Icon
Glalie Type Icon
Vanilluxe Type Icon
Cryogonal Type Icon
Aurorus Type Icon Type Icon

By Breeding

Lapras Type Icon Type Icon
Swinub Type Icon Type Icon
Delibird Type Icon Type Icon

By Machine

Pokémon Anime Characters

Thumbnail Leon's Mr. Rime PM2019 129 Covered a lot of the field in ice.