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ポケモンメザスタ おためしメモリータグ ピカチュウ DVD 配布品

  • Pokémon MEZASTAR o Tameshi Memory Tag Pikachū DVD Haifuhin
  • Pokémon MEZASTAR Sample Memory Tag Pikachu DVD Distribution

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Audio Tracks:   Japanese
Publisher:  Takara TOMY A.R.T.S
Catalog #:  
Release Date:  2020-09-19
Aspect Ratio:  16:9
Region Code:  
Video Format:  NTSC
Storage Medium:  DVD5
Closed Captions?:  No
Rental Only?:  No


A special campaign offering a Pikachu tag, a sample memory tag, a special starting book and DVD of how to play is included in the set! The campaign started on Saturday, September 19th, 2020 and a limited number of gifts were available. The giveaway is limited and will end when all the items are gone. Elementary school students and younger only are eleigible for this campaign. Stores where you can play Pokémon Mezastar across the country in Japan ran this campaign. The date, time, location, and number of campaign distributions vary depending on the store.