The media database covers officially released video media. Initially started as a DVD database, it expanded to cover other media formats such as Blu-ray and VHS. Most of the releases are the anime or movies but there has been a few officially licensed discs that have been included in magazines, books and promos.

Releases include details, notes, episode lists and scans of the cover art to make it a great reference for fans of Pokémon. Due to copyright, full resolution images of the releases are not available but thumbnail pictures allow fans to get an idea of what the retail releases looks like.

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Cover Title Country/Language Release Date Format/Catalog
Cover Image Pokémon 4 - Die zeitlose Begegnung
Germany German 2002-00-00 DVD (DVD5)
Z4 101536
Cover Image Pokémon 3 - Im Bann der Icognito
Germany German 2001-00-00 DVD (DVD5)
Z5 21251
Cover Image Pokémon - Der Film: Mewtu gegen Mew
Germany German 2000-00-00 DVD (DVD5)
Z5 18020
Cover Image Pokémon 2: Die Macht des Einzelnen
Germany German 2000-00-00 DVD (DVD5)
Z5 18620