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Crown City Raikou
Start/End Dates 2011-02-07 through 2011-02-13
Country Germany Germany


The Legendary Pokémon Raikou, Entei, and Suicune are as elusive as they are powerful. Not only is each of these Pokémon Shiny - meaning it is a different color than usual - but each also knows movies it cannot normally learn! Raikou, Entei, Suicune come in Cherish Balls, a feature of Pokémon that you obtain through special distributions. They will also appear with a Classic Ribbon, another mark of their unique stats in your Pokémon collection! There's even more to these special shiny Pokémon: when you transfer them to your copy of Pokémon Black Version or Pokémon White Version, you'll get a chance to catch the elusive Pokémon Zoroark - a Pokémon you can't get through normal gameplay!

Press Release Event Portion

Weitere tolle Neuigkeiten gibt’s für die Besitzer der Pokémon Editionen HeartGold, SoulSilver, Platin, Diamant und Perl: Sie können sich ab dem 7. Februar die Legendären Pokémon Raikou, Entei und Suicune fangen. Als Schillernde Pokémon erscheinen sie in anderen Farben als gewohnt und sind nur über die Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection erhältlich. (Nintendo.de)
Pokémon Details
Pokéball: Cherish Ball
Species: Raikou
Nickname: RAIKOU
OT Name: WIN2011
Level: 30
Gender: Male
Ability: Pressure
Nature: Rash
Shiny: Unknown