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15 Mar 2024 11:08 AM
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It has been announced that Terastal Debut, the new chapter of the popular anime Pocket Monsters airs on the TV Tokyo Network every Friday at 6:55pm, officially abbreviated "Anipoke", will start airing April 12th, 2024. The main visual that's been presented depicts Orange Academy from the video game Pocket Monsters Scarlet, with Roy and Dot wearing Orange Academy uniforms. And for some reason Liko's Nyahoja is nowhere to be seen...

They're all surrounded by Elite Four members Aoki, Chili, Poppy and Hassaku, popular characters from the video games, as well as Nemo and Gym Leaders Colza and Nanjamo, who have all appeared in earlier episodes.

This new chapter will depict Liko, Roy and the others' Terastal Debut, as well as show how they'll interact with the popular characters from the video games now that they've decided to study on exchange at Orange Academy for Terastal training.

Then there is Explorer's Sango, who said in today's broadcast that she would "summon" Rayquaza. In the video released today, we can see the Explorers plotting as well as the Black Rayquaza. The climactic episode of Terapagos' Shine is also a must-see before the new chapter!

A special Pokémon anime trailer has also been released! The "Terapagos' Shine" chapter is hitting its climax! What is the Explorers' Plan for Capturing Rayquaza? Will Liko and Roy be able to stop it? ...And then it's on to an all new chapter!

2024-03-22 PM2023 44: The Plan for Capturing Rayquaza


The words Sango from the Explorers passed on were "summon Rayquaza". Friede pinpoints the island where the Explorers' hideout is located based on the clues he has, and he, Liko, Roy and Randou head there. However, they're met with a trap set by Spinel! Will Liko and the others be able to stop the Explorers' Plan for Capturing Rayquaza?

2024-03-29 PM2023 45: To Places Far Far Away


The Explorers' plan has led to the Black Rayquaza finally showing itself, and Liko and Roy get completely overwhelmed in the face of its incredible power! However, if they're going to get through to it and communicate how Terapagos, and they themselves, feel... it's now or never! It's time for a battle against Rayquaza where the two of them throw absolutely everything at it; All the encounters they've had and all the experience they've gained since they set off on their adventure with Pokémon!!

YouTube Clip - Animation Pocket Monsters Terapagos' Shine Climax PV

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c2lCtqtQSQU

Press Release (Japanese): 新章突入! 副題は「テラスタルデビュー」に決定

テレ東系で毎週金曜よる6時55分から放送中のテレビアニメ「ポケットモンスター」は、リコとロイの物語が4月12日より第3章を迎えることとなり、副題が「テラスタルデビュー」に決定しました。テラスタルオーブを持つリコとロイ、ドットの制服姿や、ゲーム『ポケットモンスター スカーレット・バイオレット』に登場する人物が描かれた新たなメインビジュアルを初公開しました。

メインビジュアルには、ゲーム『ポケットモンスター スカーレット』に登場するオレンジアカデミーが描かれ、ロイ、ドットはオレンジアカデミーの制服を着ています。周りにはゲームの人気キャラクターである四天王のアオキ、チリ、ポピー、ハッサクの姿や、これまでの放送にも登場したジムリーダーのコルサ、ナンジャモ、そしてネモの姿も描かれました。

「テラスタル」を修得するため、オレンジアカデミーに留学することになった3人は、ゲームに登場する人気キャラクターとどう関わっていくのか!? リコとロイたちのテラスタルデビューにご注目ください!



エクスプローラーズの作戦により、ついに姿を現した黒いレックウザ! その強大な力を前に、圧倒されるリコとロイ。けれど、テラパゴスの、そして自分たちの想いを伝えるなら、今しかない―。ポケモンと冒険に出たあの日から、たくさんの出会い、経験をしてきたふたり…。その全てをぶつけるレックウザとのバトルが今、始まる―!!

Source: https://prtimes.jp/main/html/rd/p/000001180.000002610.html
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