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26 Mar 2024 01:30 PM
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On Saturday, April 27th, 2024, a new drink and sweets menu themed on Teahouse Chadeath will be available at the Pokémon Café!


Teahouse Chadeath is a tea shop where Chadeath, Yabasocha, and other Pokémon help out. The new menu for the Pokemon Café is inspired by the menu you can order at Teahouse Chadeath. Experience tea party inspired drinks and sweets at the Pokemon Café!

Chadeath and Yabasocha's Hospitality Matcha Latte
チャデスとヤバソチャのおもてなし抹茶ラテ 1,265円(税込)

The Yabasocha container contains matcha latte and the Chadeath Teacup contains matcha. Add syrup or matcha to your liking and enjoy.

Teahouse Chadeath Tea Party Sweets Set - 2,750 yen (tax included)
喫茶チャデスのお茶会スイーツセット 2,750円(税込)

It's a tea party sweets set inspired by the menu at Teahouse Chadeath where Chadeath and others help out! Pikachu is a cheese-flavored steamed cake, Mokuroh is a chestnut ice cream, Mawhip is a matcha cream and yogurt-flavored mini parfait, and Dredear (Hisuian Form) is a pudding à la mode. Let's enjoy the atmosphere of Teahouse Chadeath!

Teahouse Chadeath's Hospitality! Drink & Sweets Set - 4,015 yen (tax included)
喫茶チャデスのおもてなし! ドリンク&スイーツセット 4,015円(税込)


If you order the Teahouse Chadeath's Hospitality! Drink & Sweets Set, they will give you an acrylic stand with the image of the Teahouse Chadeath's shop sign!


In addition, in honor of Teahouse Yabasocha's special Ability Hhospitality, you will be given tea. Please order a set and experience the hospitality of Teahouse Chadeath.

Teacup - Teahouse Chadeath - 5,280 yen
Seasoning Container that can also be used as a tea container - Teahouse Chadeath - 4,180 yen
茶碗 喫茶チャデス ヤバソチャ 5,280円(税込)
茶入にもなる調味料入れ 喫茶チャデス チャデス 4,180円(税込)

The tableware used for the menu is from the Teahouse Chadeath merchandise line which scheduled to be released at the Pokémon Center on Friday, May 3rd, 2024). You can purchase tableware featuring Chadeath and Yabasocha at Pokemon Cafes starting May 3rd, 2024! Click here for more information about the Teahouse Chadeath goods!

Selectable Pokémon Latte - Latte/Cafe Mocha/Caramel - 935 yen each (tax included)
選べるポケモンラテ ラテ/カフェモカ/キャラメル 各935円(税込)

The Choice of Pokémon Latte, where you can choose your favorite artwork from among many different Pokémon, has new designs! A total of seven new pieces of art from the Teahouse Chadeath merchandise line will join the lineup.

Source: https://www.pokemoncenter-online.com/cafe/news/240322_01.html
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