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16 May 2010 02:56 AM
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Episode PictureThe latest episode of Pokémon Sunday, Forest of Pikachu / The Announcement of Pocket Monsters BW Material Including 'Partner Pokémon' and 'Zorua and Zoroark's moves' (ピカチュウのもり / ポケットモンスターBW「パートナーポケモン」「ゾロア・ゾロアークの技」等を発表!), aired today in Japan.

This week featured a continuation of last weeks rerun theme, 'Pikachu and Nyarth's Good Times', and Lord Nyarth's Island!? was this weeks repeat episode. In this episode, Satoshi's Pikachu discovers a forest full of other Pikachu's. Curious to find out more about the Pikachu's in this forest, Satoshi attempts to be friendly with them, only for them to run away. Rocket Gang shows up and tries to capture all the Pikachu's. Can Satoshi and friends stop the Rocket Gang and rescue the Pikachu's?

In this episode, Robert is sent out dressed as reporters looking for the latest scoop on the upcoming 13th movie The Ruler of Illusions Zoroark (幻影の覇者 ゾロアーク) and Pokémon Black and White (ポケットモンスター ブラック・ホワイト).

Robert's first stop was a Pro Wrestling Dojo. A paper with the scoop information was attached to one of the wrestlers who were practicing in the ring. Akiyama enters the ring and tries his best to get it off his foot but he is afraid that he will get hurt. Finally all three members of Robert enter the ring. Akiyama gets body slammed but after the wrestler attempts to body slam him again, Akiyama manages to avoid it and wrestler is stunned from his attempt. Yamamoto quickly grabs the paper off the wrestlers foot and Robert heads back to the PokéSun Headquarters.

Upon arriving at the headquarters, Shoko-tan reveals that Jun'ichi Masuda (増田順一) from GAME FREAK had sent them a DVD labeled 'Top Secret' (秘) and the video is played. A new battle scene video showing the graphics from the upcoming games is displayed. Raikou is seen using Aura Sphere (はどうだん) against a Entei which then is revealed to be Zoroark. It is revealed that Zoroark has a new ability called Illusion (イリュージョン) which allows it to transform into various Pokémon including Entei that was shown in the video.

In the next segment, Robert and Director Lucario head out into the forest with Celebi. While there they encounter a bag on the ground and they open it to reveal Japanese comedian and contortionist Esper Ito (エスパー伊東). He preforms a few tricks including putting his body through a tennis racket. Upon returning to the Headquarters, Shoko-tan plays another video. In the video it shows Celebi in the Ilex Forest and it starts glowing and then takes the player back in time. The player is then seen battling Rocket Gang Boss Sakaki with his Nidoking and the players Celebi as the video ends.

In the third an final segment featuring Robert, they are sent to an optical illusion exhibit. Yamamoto is seen standing on a wooden plank that appears to be spanning across a deep hole. Akiyama and Baba attempt to help him but Yamamoto looses his balance and begins to fall off the plank only to realize that what looked to be an endless pit was a solid floor. In another exhibit, Yamamoto looks through a hole into a room where Akiyama looks to be a few feet taller than Lucario. They finally come upon a lobster exhibit with a chest. They take the chest and return with it to the PokéSun Headquarters only to find out that its empty.