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31 Jan 2011 11:18 PM
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The official Pokémon Black Version and Pokémon White Version has revealed tons of new information about the upcoming games. Below is all the newly revealed information.

Pokémon Names

N# English Japanese Romanized German French Spanish Italian Thumbnail
494 Victini ビクティニ Victini Victini Victini Victini Victini
505 Watchog ミルホッグ Miruhog Kukmarda Miradar Watchog Watchog
511 Pansage ヤナップ Yanappu Vegimak Feuillajou Pansage Pansage
530 Excadrill ドリュウズ Doryuzu Stalobor Minotaupe Excadrill Excadrill
540 Sewaddle クルミル Kurumiru Strawickl Larveyette Sewaddle Sewaddle
550 Basculin バスラオ Basslao Barschuft Bargantua Basculin Basculin
563 Cofagrigus デスカーン Deathkarn Echnatoll Tutankafer Cofagrigus Cofagrigus
581 Swanna スワンナ Swanna Swaroness Lakmécygne Swanna Swanna
585 Deerling シキジカ Shikijika Sesokitz Vivaldaim Deerling Deerling
594 Alomomola ママンボウ Mamanbou Mamolida Mamanbo Alomomola Alomomola

Four Seasons of Pokémon!

As you progress through your journey, the seasons of the Unova region will change. You'll see the trees and flowers grow and blossom in the spring and summer, then fade again in autumn and winter. Some Pokémon show up more or less frequently depending on the season. The season changes after a month. Be sure to search areas you visited over and over again as the seasons change. In spring all of the flowers are in bloom. With the warm summer comes a new look to some areas. Autumn is the time when trees change color and begin to lose leaves. In winter, the cool air blows through the Unova region. There are some areas around the region you normally can't reach. But in the winter when the snow piles up these areas become accessible.

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Pokémon Global Link

The Pokémon Global Link offers many new ways to enjoy Pokémon, even when you're away from your Nintendo DS system! Make one of your Pokémon in your game fall asleep, then bring it to the Pokémon Global Link to access a wide variety of entertaining features. Plus, use the Pokémon Global Link to track the ratings of players from all over the world.

The Xtransceiver

Players with Nintendo DSi™ (or Nintendo DSi XL™) systems can use the Xtransceiver to talk with up to three other friends via video chat! You can also use on-screen markers and stamps to draw on one another's pictures. Access the Xtransceiver inside the Wi-Fi Club in the Pokémon Center. Only two players can use the Xtransceiver to connect over Nintendo® Wi-Fi Connection. Characters within the game will use the Pokémon Xtransceiver, too. Look for them to contact you during your adventure.

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The C-Gear lets you communicate with other Trainers, as well as a number of other functions, using a variety of communication methods. Entralink: Use the Entralink to interact with other players' games. Access the Entralink directly from the C-Gear. You can instantly warp to a mysterious area known as the Entralink. If you connect with other players, you can visit other players' worlds. The scenery and your appearance change when you enter another player's world! Players can use powers called 'Pass Powers' to enhance the playing power of players close to them. They also affect the player that used them! You can leave another player's world at anytime and return to where you came from. As long as your C-Gear is turned on, you will be connected with any nearby players. The C-Gear will constantly update with information about what players around you are doing. You can also get detailed information about nearby players.

Infrared Communication

In addition to connecting with other Trainers via Nintendo® Wi-Fi Connection* and DS Wireless Communications, you can even use Infrared Connection to communicate. Infrared even includes some features you can't do any other way, such as a Feeling Check. When you face your Game Cards toward one another, you can enter a battle quickly! You can also trade Pokémon with other Trainers directly from your PC Box. Exchanging Friend Codes is easier than ever. Use the Feeling Check to check your compatibility level with another player.

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Source: http://www.pokemonblackwhite.com