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01 Sep 2011 05:01 PM
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C-Gear skins for Deerling and Zoroark have been announced by the official Pokémon websites. The Zoroark C-Gear skin will be available for players with accounts registered to North American countries from September 7st, 2011 until January 11th, 2012 and the password will be revealed on the official site. The Spring Deerling C-Gear skin will be available for all western players from September 1st, 2011 until October 3th, 2011. Our C-Gear page has been updated with the lastest info. It will be updated as soon as new information becomes available.

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Press Release

Over the next four months, visit Pokemon.com/PGL to get a special seasonal Deerling C-Gear skin!

Deerling, the Season Pokémon, changes its appearance with the turn of the seasons: its fur matches the prominent colors of spring, summer, autumn, and winter. With four exclusive C-Gear skins, you can change the look of your game along with Deerling! Starting on September 1st, enter the following password at the Pokémon Global Link to get the Spring Deerling C-Gear skin, the first of four seasonal Deerling C-Gear skins.

The password is: JJW2X97D

Source: http://www.pokemon.com/us/news/pgl_deerling_cgear-2011-09-01/