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Title: Masuda Deoxys Distrubted Again / Deoxys Plushies
The official Japanese Pokémon website has revealed that Masuda Deoxys will be distributed again, this time at participating Aeon (イオン), Ito-Yokado (イトーヨーカドー), Daiei (ダイエー), Toys"R"Us (トイザらス), Al-Plaza (アル・プラザ), Heiwado (平和堂), Fuji (フジ), Apita (アピタ), Piago (ピアゴ) and Pokémon Center (ポケモンセンター) locations. It is the same Deoxys that was distributed at Aeon Mall locations and the Jump Festa 2013.

Players of the Japanese versions of Pocket Monsters Black, White, Black 2 and White 2 will be able to receive this Dexoys from March 30th, 2013 until May 6th, 2013.


Deoxys Plushies

In addition to the Deoxys that will be distributed for the games, the 4 Deoxys formes will be available as plushies at the Pokémon Centers starting on March 20th, 2013 for 980 yen each.

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