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31 May 2013 03:01 PM
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More merchandise has been announced for the Pokémon Center 15th Anniversary. A Premium Card Set (ポケモンセンター15周年 カードプレミアムセット) will go on sale June 8th, 2013 for 2500 yen. The set includes the first official 100 damage counters (アクリル製ダメカンは、ポケモンカードゲーム史上初となる「100ダメカン」が2個ついているよ!!). The full set includes the following:

Pokémon Center 15th Anniversary Premium Card Set (ポケモンセンター15周年 カードプレミアムセット)

  • One Premium Pikachu Card (プレミアムキラカード・・・1枚(ピカチュウ))
  • 30 Acrylic Damage Counters (Two 100 damage counters, Six 50 damage counters and Twenty-two 10 damage counters) (アクリル製ダメカン・・・30個(100ダメカン:2個/50ダメカン:6個/10ダメカン22個))
  • Damage Counter Container(ダメカンケース・・・1個)
  • One Deck Case (デッキケース・・・1個)
  • 62 Card Shields for 1 set (デッキシールド(62枚)・・・1セット)


Pokémon Center 'Pokémon of the Area' Figure Beaded Straps (ポケモンご当地 ビーズストラップ)

Also for sale for a limited time at the Japanese Pokémon Centers from June 22nd, 2013 until July 7th, 2013 is a set of Pokémon Beaded Strap Figures in the 'Pokémon of the Area' merchandise line. They are sold separately for 525yen each. Like the other products in this line, each Pokémon Center sells specific figures with designs based on the region that Center is located in.


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