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Title: Pokémon Get TV - Episode 2
A new news article has been posted!
The Get TV crew celebrated the launch of the latest games Pocket Monsters X and Y which were released the day before on October 12th, 2013. Clips from the game were shown followed by clips from the new anime. The announcer then showed upcoming scenes from this episode.

This episodes special guests were then revealed as Mikie Hara (原幹恵), a Japanese gravure idol and actress who is best known for her debut role in Cutie Honey: The Live as Honey Kisaragi. Joining her was the trio comedy group Panther (パンサー) which consists of Suga Ryotaro (菅良太郎), Hui Mukai (向井慧), Takahiro Ogata (尾形貴弘). Yukito Nishii then began explaining about this episode main segment which was about the Mysterious Organization "FPI". He explained that FPI stood for FUSHIGINA POKEMON NO NAZO IROIROSHIRABETAI (不思議な ポケモンの謎 いろいろ調べ隊), basically a play on the FBI. He then said the FPI had investigated the new Pocket Monsters XY anime that was airing on October 17th, 2013.

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The FPI Special Agent was introduced and their role to investigate Pokémon in all aspects was explained. The Special Agent went to visit OLM, the animation company responsible for the Pocket Mosnters anime. The special agent met reporter Kotoge Eiji (小峠英二) outside and the two of them came to an agreement to work together.

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The FPI Special Agent began his investigation by seeing what the staff does at OLM. He then spotted artwork from the new XY anime, specifically the main city, Miare City. A clip from the first episode was then shown which featured Satoshi and Pikachu exploring the city. The FPI special agent then spotted an artist drawing something and he wanted to know what it was. The artist then explained that it was a Keromatsu (ケロマツ). The FPI agent had not seen it before and wanted the artist make it move. The artist then took him to another artist who had a hand drawn flipbook and she showed Keromatsu move by flipping the pages. The narrator then explained the process of taking the handrawn images and then coloring them on the computer. The finalized clip of Keromatsu was then showcased and it was revealed that Keromatsu would make its anime debut in XY episode 1. Citron (シトロン ), Eureka (ユリーカ) and Serena (セレナ) were also showcased.

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FPI Special Agent then showed a picture of a person he was looking for. He then asked a staff member who indicated who it was and they finally found Yajima Tetsuo (矢嶋哲生), a director and illustrator for the anime since Best Wishes. The FPI special agent asked him the following questions in English which Kotoge translated into Japanese and Yajima Tetsuo answered.

When does Satoshi become a Pokémon Master? It's a Secret (それは内緒です)
Would you make animation of me. My daughter is a huge fun[sic] of Pokémon. That seems fine. (それは大丈夫です)

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Yajima Tetsuo then talked about Satoshi arriving in the Kalos region. The FPI agent then heads off to the next spot.

After the commercial break, The PokéTele Challenge (ポケ☆テレ チャレンジ!!!) was explained as a segment that the cast and the special guest played but the audience at home could also play along to. The first quiz was a Brainbuster Quiz! PokéRiddle (頭お目覚めクイズ!ポケナゾ 1問目) called "Add and Remove! Dakuten Quiz" (つけてはずして!だくてんQ).

Question Hint Answer
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After Satoshi had cleaned up his toys from the floor, Pikachu took them out and put them back. But when Satoshi came in and saw the room, he didn't get angry. Why not? (サトシが部屋を片付けた後ピカチュウはオチチャをちらかしてしまいましたしかし部屋を見たサトシはまったく怒りません一体なぜでしょう?)
Scattered around (しまいました)
It put them back (しまったから)

Takahiro Ogata was the last to get it.

Question Hint Answer
Satoshi got 2 flower boquets, then three more boquets. When he put them together, how many boquets did he have in total? (サトシが2束の花束と3束の花束を持っていまあ合わせると何束になるでしょう?)
Together (合わせると)
1 (1束)

The next segment of the show was "Read in Reverse! PokéRap (Nmokepo-rap)" (逆から読んで!ンモケポラップ). Contestants were given a picture of a Pokémon only briefly the name and they had 3 seconds to say what it was in reverse. For example: Hitokage (ヒトカゲ) would be Gekatohi (ゲカトヒ).

Pokémon Picture Pokémon Name Answer Reverse Answer
Yayakoma (ヤヤコマ)
Makoyaya (マコヤヤ)
Meguroko (メグロコ)
Korogume (コログメ)
Erikiteru (エリキテル)
Rutekirie (ルテキリエ)
Karamanero (カラマネロ)
Ronemaraka (ロネマラカ)
Kireihana (キレイハナ)
Nahaireki (ナハイレキ)
Yanyanma (ヤンヤンマ)
Manyanya (マンヤンヤ)
Yamikarasu (ヤミカラス)
Surakamiya (スラカミヤ)
Sonansu (ソーナンス)
Sunnaso (スンナーソ)
Abusoru (アブソル)
Rusobua (ルソブア)
Chirutarisu (チルタリス)
Suritaruchi (スリタルチ)
Haganeeru (ハガネール)
Ruunegaha (ルーネガハ)
Herakurosu (ヘラクロス)
Surokurahe (スロクラヘ)
Magukarugo (マグカルゴ)
Gorukaguma (ゴルカグマ)
Warubiaru (ワルビアル)
Ruabiruwa (ルアビルワ)

After the commercial break, the FPI segment continued at 55 Barbizon, Shibuya where the voice acting recording takes place for the anime. Rica Matsumoto (松本梨香), the voice of Satoshi, Yuki Kaji (梶裕貴), the voice of Citron (シトロン), Mariya Ise (伊瀬 茉莉也), the voice of Eureka (ユリーカ) and Mayuki Makiguchi (牧口真幸), the voice of Serena (セレナ役) were there for a recording session for the XY anime.

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A live recording of XY episode 1 was conducted by the voice actors. The Special Agent and Kotoge part ways as 'brothers' having completed their investigation on the XY anime.

Pokémon Morning News (ポケモン モーニングニュース)

In this Shoko Nagagawa segment, she reports on the latest news in the Pokémon world. She is dressed up as a news reporter and wears glasses as she informs viewers. In this segment, she reminds viewers of the Achamo distribution that is holding the Blazikenite.

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