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13 Mar 2014 08:47 AM
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A new news article has been posted!
Pictures from the April issue of Corocoro Comic have leaked on the internet. The main Pokémon material this month is an announcement of the upcoming movie pre-order ticket distro event.

A scoop related to the 2014 Pokémon Movie!!!!!

The mythical Pokémon Darkrai will be given out!!
The winner of the popularity poll held in the February issue of this magazine, the Next Generation Hobby Fair and other places, Darkrai, will be given out!

Level: 50
Ability: Nightmare
Moves: Dark Void, Dark Pulse, Phantom Force, Dream Eater

Dark Void
Darkrai's signature move, which puts all opponents to sleep.

Phantom Force
A move new to Pokémon X/Y", which Darkrai can't normally learn.

Obtain Darkrai via the special pre-order movie ticket, on sale starting April 19th!!!!
Darkrai can be obtained via the giveaway code that comes with the special pre-order movie ticket!

After you've obtained Darkrai, make sure to enjoy the movie as well!
It premieres Saturday July 19th!!
Yveltal will go on an rampage!
What is going on with Diancie...!?


Details on the drawing contest and a submission form for this was also included. See our prior coverage of this contest for information.


Source: Corocoro Comic, April 2014 issue