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Title: Part 8 of Director Yuyama's Scouting Report
A new news article has been posted!
The official movie website has updated with the eight part of Director Yuyama's scouting report. Translations follow:

This time, Director Yuyama chose Canada as the country he would go scouting in. He went there in search of the landscapes where Yveltal would sleep, where Xerneas would hide, and Diancie would journey.

Part 8: Night Cruising

After finishing their scouting for the day, the party checked in at the inn where we would be staying for our second night. Afterwards, we went to Rockport, a landing place for ships. That evening, we enjoyed our dinner while cruising past the same Thousand Islands we had been observing from Skydeck Tower earlier in the day.

An elderly couple were celebrating a birthday aboard the ship we were riding that day, and after everyone had sung a song to their honor, they danced a slow dance cheek to cheek. We were watching the beautiful sunset to the accompaniment of oldie classics sung and played in the background, and as the water surface gradually got lit up by the moonlight, the evening slowly changed into a romantic night.

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The cruise Yuyama and the others went on was specifically this one:
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The island in the first picture looks like Wolfe Island as its the one with the most wind mills.
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