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Title: Movie 18 Blog Updates with Third Event Report
A new news article has been posted!
The official Pokémon movie blog has updated. Translations of the new entry follows:

Event Report #3: A Report from Tomohisa Sako's Live Stage Show "Pokémon Tretta Special Stage Show" Saturday June 20th

We're reporting from the live stage show held by Tomohisa Sako, singer of "Getta Banban", the opening theme to the anime TV series "Pocket Monsters XY", at the Takara Tomy Booth at the Tokyo Toy Show 2015.

"Getta Banban", the opening theme to the anime TV series "Pocket Monsters XY", was playing on the stage monitor before the show started, as both children and many fans were all eagerly awaiting Tomohisa Sako's appearance.

Finally, the show started!
The lady hosting the show briefly introduced Sako as he made his way onto the stage!
Sako was asked what his favorite Pokémon was and replied "Tyltalis".
The show then started with a performance of "Kirakira", the song that accompanies "Getta Banban"!

"Kirakira" is written as a letter from Citron to Satoshi, and the friendly singing voice fits Citron's image perfectly!

Next, we got a presentation of the movie "The Archdjinni of Rings: Hoopa", which premieres in just one month!
And while we were watching the trailer alongside everyone...

We presented the Tokyo Toy Show 2015 Takara Tomy Booth-exclusive question to "Hoopa's Appear! Quiz"
Sako then gave out a valuable hint for the question.

"An exclusive hint just for those of you gathered here today..."

There will be another question tomorrow, on the 21st, which you can find at the Takara Tomy Booth's Pokemon Tretta Corner, so make sure to go there and find out the solution!

Next, it was finally time for the "Pokemon Tretta" segment!
We did a presentation of the "Special Hoopa Pokémon Tretta" you'll receive when you go see "The Achdjinni of Rings" in the theater!

Its black metallic color is really cool! We also showed off the special "Appear!" move it can use!

*This tretta will be given to 3 million attendants nationwide. Distribution will end once supplies are exhausted.
*There is no age limit to receiving the tretta.
*The special Hoopa Pokémon tretta eing distributed can be used starting with the "Pokémon Tretta Ultimate #3" update, which will be installed starting Thursday July 16th.

For more details on the "Special Hoopa Pokémon Tretta" being distributed, see this page!

Sako then rushed over to be the first to play "Pokémon Tretta Ultimate #3"!
A highly motivated Sako said it was because "I'm aiming towards becoming a Pokémon Sommelier!"

The game started with the familiar cry "Get! Pokémon Tretta!"

Finally, Sako performed what the crowd had been waiting for: Getta Banban!
Wanting the children in the audience to dance along, he went over the dance steps with them before the performance!

"Getta Banban

The show ended with a bang, as everyone cheerfully sang along!

The Tokyo Toy Show 2015 continues tomorrow, Sunday the 21st, as well!
There will be a "Special Pokémon the Movie XY Stage Show" held at the Takara Tomy booth, where Rei Yasuda, performer of "Tweedia", the theme song to "The Archdjinni of Rings: Hoopa", and Little Glee Monster, performers of "Gaogao All Stars", the theme song to the short, will appear!
The show starts at 12:30pm!

There will also be a Takara Tomy Booth-exclusive question for Hoopa's Appear! Quiz!
Make sure to visit the Tokyo Toy Show 2015 tomorrow as well!
It takes place at Tokyo Big Sight Sunday the 21st from 9am to 4pm!

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