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21 Apr 2016 03:05 PM
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A new news article has been posted!
The official Pokémon movie website has updated the movie blog and "Celebrity Pokémon Fans' "I Choose You"". Translations follow:

Celebrity Pokémon Fans' "I Choose You" #6: Abareru-kun

For its strength, for how much I appreciate cosplaying as it, and for how extremely much help is has been for me both when it comes to battling and to the mental aspect of comedy.

Nyarth's Pokémon Elections Diary #6: Vote via the Data Broadcast!

The anime TV series "Pocket Monsters XY&Z" airs today!

Starting today, you'll be able to vote in the "Pokémon Elections 720" via the Data Broadcast!
This is my chance to get a whole ton of votes!
Send in a vote for meee!!

What? You'd like to recap how to vote?
Thought so.

It's all explained in detail on this TV Tokyo AniTV page,
so read it caefully through.

Right then, now I'm gonna practice pushing the "d-button".

The anime TV series "Pocket Monsters XY&Z"
airs at 6:55pm on the TV Tokyo Network!!
Make sure to watch it, everyone!

And send in a vote for meee!!

Sources: http://www.pokemon-movie.jp/election/comment.php and http://www.pokemon-movie.jp/pokemovie_ch/?p=1931