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Pokénchi is attacked by Nagareboshi! They duke it out in games based around Gekkouga! But this time, the Pokénchi team is in trouble!? Also, the Pokémon battle has Abareru-kun going up against twin Pokénds!

Nagareboshi visit Pokénchi under the name of the Gekkouga Army. The Pokénchi residents fight them with Gekkouga merchandise being at stake! They duel in games based around moves Gekkouga can learn, but the Chuei World puts the Pokénchi team in danger!?
And in the Pokémon battle, Abareru-kun participates. He goes up against a Pokénd that claims to have traded with Abareru-kun before!

Shoko Nakagawa
Rinka Otani
Guests: Hiroshi Yamamoto (from Robert) and Nagareboshi (Chuei and Shinichiro Takiue)