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Title: POKENCHI 65: ポケんちを飛び出して北海道で大盛り上がり / 北海道の美食を食べまくる / サン・ムーンを使用...
New episode title(s) has/have been added to the database. Title: ポケんちを飛び出して北海道で大盛り上がり / 北海道の美食を食べまくる / サン・ムーンを使用したポケモンバトル! / Pokénchi wo tobidashite Hokkaidō de ōmoriagari / Hokkaidō no bishoku wo tabemakuru / Sun/Moon wo shiyō shita Pokémon battle! / Leaving Pokénchi for Fun and Games in Hokkaido / Binging on the Best Food Hokkaido Has to Offer / A Pokémon Battle Using Sun/Moon!. Please comment below!
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Title: Re: POKENCHI 65: ポケんちを飛び出して北海道で大盛り上がり / 北海道の美食を食べまくる / サン・ムー...
Shokotan, Abareru-kun and Hyadain leave Pokénchi and go to Hokkaido. There, they enjoy activities in the snow and Hokkaido's local food!! And they have the first Pokémon battle in the new video games "Sun/Moon" as well.

On today's episode of Pokénchi, the residents leave the house to have fun in Hokkaido! Shokotan, Abareru-kun and Hyadain will each have fun in their own preferred ways there.
Abareru-kun is having fun in the snow, but for some reason he's just wearing a T-shirt... Why?
Then, Shokotan says she wants to eat "the Hokkaido specialty that looks just like a monster ball", but what is she referring to?
Finally, Hyadain tries his first Pokémon "Sun/Moon" battle at the Pokémon Center Sapporo! Don't miss this passionate battle!!

Shoko Nakagawa
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