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Title: Movie 20 Website Updates with Riddle to Commemmorate the Sta...
A new news article has been posted!
The official Pokémon movie website has updated. Translations follow:

A Riddle Has Been Set Up at the Official Movie Website?! "Retrieve the Lost Rainbow Feather!" Commemorates the Start of Escape From Houou's Trial!

A riddle has been set up at the official Pokémon movie website
to commemorate the start of the Real Dasshutsu Game "Escape from Houou's Trial",
which commemorates the premiere of "Pocket Monsters the Movie: I Choose You!"!!
The Rainbow Feather has disappeared from the official movie website.
If you touch the missing feather, a treasure chest and four keys will appear.
Solve the riddles to obtain the four keys,
then retrieve the Rainbow Feather that someone sealed away!

What is the Real Dasshutsu Game/Pokémon the Movie 20 crossover "Escape from Houou's Trial"?

This is a personal experience-type game event set in permanent Real Dasshutsu Game establishments and the cities they are located in,
where you solve riddles scattered throughout the city one after another together with Pokémon.
Players become rookie Pokémon Trainers,
choose their first Partner Pokémon from "Fushigidane", "Zenigame" and "Hitokage",
then set off on an adventure.
(There are no time limits, so you can play at your own pace)
Since you can choose between two courses, the "Professor Course" and the "Trainer Course", which vary in difficulty, the game can of course be played by adults that want to genuinely challenge themselves, but also by children.
The codebreaker kit you get handed when you set off on your adventure also comes with a binder sporting an original design,
which you can't get anywhere else!

Ticket prices:
Normal pre-order ticket: 2500 yen
Student pre-order ticket (high school+): 2000 yen
Child pre-order ticket (Grade school to middle school): 1250 yen
Normal same-day ticket: 3000 yen
Student same-day ticket (high school+): 2500 yen
Child same-day ticket (Grade school to middle school): 1750 yen
*Those purchasing student price tickets are asked to please present a student ID when they show up.
*Same-day tickets are handled through Scrap Ticket or at the reception desk the day you want to play.
*If pre-order tickets were sold out, we will not sell same-day tickets for that day.

"There were youths like you once",
the old man said as he opened a worn-out old book.
"......"The legendary Houou swoops down on the mountain of the trial,
bestowing the title of True Pokémon Trainer upon those carrying wisdom and courage." So the old legend goes."

Your goal is to become a True Pokémon Trainer,
so you set your sights on Mount Tensei, where Houou is said to appear,
together with the Pokémon you've made your partners.
And once you reached the summit,
your entire being was put to test before the holy pedestal...!
Can you manage to solve every riddle,
and then summon the legendary Houou?

Arrangement information:
In Hokkaido:
Venue: Base of Scrap Sapporo
Schedule: Friday August 4th to Sunday October 29th 2017
In Miyagi:
Venue: Base of Scrap Sendai
Schedule: Wednesday July 26th to Sunday October 29th 2017
In Tokyo:
Venue: Base of Scrap Shimokitazawa Riddle Building
Schedule: Thursday July 13th to Tuesday October 31st 2017
In Kanagawa:
Venue: Base of Scrap Yokohama
Schedule: Wednesday July 19th to Sunday October 29th 2017
In Aichi:
Venue: Riddle Complex Nagoya
Schedule: Friday July 21st to Monday October 30th 2017
In Osaka:
Venue: Base of Scrap Osaka Riddle Building
Schedule: Thursday August 3rd to Monday October 30th 2017
In Okayama:
Venue: Base of Scrap Okayama
Schedule: Thursday July 20th to Sunday October 29th 2017
In Fukuoka:
Venue: Base of Scrap Fukuoka/Tenjin
Schedule: Friday August 4th to Sunday October 29th 2017

Customer information:
SCRAP Entertainment Inc.
TEL:03-5341-4915 (Hours: Weekdays at 11am to 7pm)

A Commemoration of the Start of the Real Dasshutsu Game/Pokémon the Movie 20 Crossover "Escape from Houou's Trial": "Retrieve the Lost Rainbow Feather!"

Houou's feather has been sealed away by someone. The keys to the password that will let you undo this seal are these four:

Solve the riddles of the four keys, then give us the four-character password!

Key 1:

Read the letters under the correct Satoshi hats from left to right. There are four in all.
Look at this page and compare carefully!

Key 2:

Who is this?
You'll know if you look at this page.

Key 3:

Key 4:

Write the answers from each of the four keys vertically, then give us the characters that appear in the gray fields!

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