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24 Oct 2020 09:28 PM
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A new news article has been posted!

From Tuesday, November 24th, 2020 until Friday, March 12th, 2021, the Pokémon Cafes at Nihonbashi, Tokyo and Shinsaibashi, Osaka will be offering the second menu that recreates cute dishes that appear in the free downloadable software "Pokémon Café Mix"! Experience some of the best food to see and eat at the Pokémon Cafe, including a Chinese Yancham dish and the gorgeous Nymphia sweets dish! Pokémon Café Mix can be played on smartphones and the Nintendo Switch. Be sure to play through the game and try out the new menu items!

Himeguma's Milk Coffee - 1,078 yen (tax included)
ヒメグマのミルクコーヒー 1,078円(税込)
Mild with fluffy cream ♪ It's sweet and easy to drink!

Yancham's Yan Fried Rice - 1,848 yen (tax included)
ヤンチャムのやんチャーハン 1,848円(税込)
Plenty of dim sum! It's a lot of filling food!

Elfuun's Cheese hamburger - 1,738 (tax included)
エルフーンのチーズハンバーグ 1,738円(税込)
Cheese hamburger wrapped in Cotton Guard, with bread and veggies, and lots of nutrition!

Nymphia's Mille-feuille Pie
ニンフィアのミルフィーユパイ 1,628円(税込)
Buttery, Ribbon-shaped crispy pie and plenty of strawberries to go with it!

Try the special Pokémon Café Mix menu!

Take your smartphone (or tablet) or Nintendo Switch to the Pokemon Cafe! If you complete certain orders and show the staff the list of dishes on the game screen, you can order from the special Pokémon Café Mix menu.

Tingling! Pikachu Curry - 1,848 yen (tax included)
ピリピリ!ピカチュウカレー 1,848円(税込)
Only for those who have completed order 71! The "Filled with energy Pikachu Curry", a menu item that was once featured at the Pokémon Cafe, is now available as a new version!

Pikachu's Pudding à la mode - 1,078 yen (tax included)
ピカチュウのプリンアラモード 1,078円(税込)
Only for those who have completed order 291! Pikachu's Pudding à la mode also comes with a commemorative sticker! Treat yourself to Pikachu's smile as a reward for completing Order 291!

Source: https://www.pokemoncenter-online.com/cafe/news/201023_01.html
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