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Title: POKENCHI 277: しらべる君第2弾!伝説のポケモン・バドレックスにちなんで、「氷の世界」をしらべる! / 現役...
New episode title(s) has/have been added to the database. Title: しらべる君第2弾!伝説のポケモン・バドレックスにちなんで、「氷の世界」をしらべる! / 現役東大生・砂川信哉と一緒に、バドレックスの得意わざ・ブリザードランスを再現! /Shiraberu-kun dai2dan! Densetsu no Pokémon Budrex ni chinande,"kōri no sekai" wo shiraberu! / Geneki Tōdaisei Sunagawa Shinya to issho ni, Budrex no tokui waza Blizzard Lance wo saigen! /The Second Installment of Shiraberu-kun! Investigating the "World of Ice" Related to the Legendary Pokémon Budrex! / Replicating Budrex' Signature Move "Glacial Lance" Together With Todai Student Shinya Sunagawa!. Please comment below!
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Title: Re:POKENCHI 277: しらべる君第2弾!伝説のポケモン・バドレックスにちなんで、「氷の世界」をしらべる! /...
I want to know everything about Pokémon! Abareru-kun turns into "Shiraberu-kun"! Together with Todai student Shinya Sunagawa, he investigates the "World of Ice"! They use ice with mysterious properties to replicate Pokémon moves?!

The second installment of Shiraberu-kun! This time he investigates the "World of Ice" related to the Legendary Pokémon Budrex! What is "water that has forgotten how to freeze"?! Shiraberu-kun gets super excited when he sees an ice tower suddenly materialize! He and Todai student Shinya Sunagawa replicate Budrex' signature move "Glacial Lance"! Just what is the Minus World, the cold air Budrex is covered in? A ball gets cooled down and becomes stiff?! They experiment together with Professor Nishimurer!
In addition, this is the final day of Hajime Syacho's homestay!

Shoko Nakagawa
Rinka Otani
Monthly Guest: Hajime Syacho
Guests: Shinya Sunagawa and Professor Nishimurer
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