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Title: POKENCHI 285: バトル大会「HIGH」!王者ヒャダインVS最強挑戦者J.Y.Park!? / しらべる君のテ...
New episode title(s) has/have been added to the database. Title: バトル大会「HIGH」!王者ヒャダインVS最強挑戦者J.Y.Park!? / しらべる君のテーマソングがついに本格始動! /Battle taikai "HIGH"! Ōja Hyadain VS saikyō chōsensha J. Y. Park!? / Shiraberu-kun no thema song ga tsuini honkaku shidō! /The Battle Tournament "HIGH"! Champion Hyadain VS The Ultimate Challenger J. Y. Park?! / The Production of the Shiraberu-kun Theme Song Finally Begins For Real!. Please comment below!
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Title: Re:POKENCHI 285: バトル大会「HIGH」!王者ヒャダインVS最強挑戦者J.Y.Park!? / しらべる...
It's the battle tournament "HIGH"! Champion Hyadain faces the ultimate challenger J. Y. Park?! Everyone gets shocked at these unexpected developments! There's a risk of the belt leaving Pokénchi?!
In addition, the production of the Shiraberu-kun theme song finally begins for real!

The person challenging Hyadain to a passionate battle over the position of champion of the Pokémon battle tournament "HIGH" is, believe it or not, J. Y. Park?! Everyone gets shocked at these unexpected developments! Can Hyadain protect the belt?! Or will this be the birth a new champion?!
In addition, the Shiraberu-kun theme song project finally begins for real! Let's all make a theme song together, with all you Pokénds joining in!

Shoko Nakagawa
Rinka Otani
Guest: Keisuke Takai (from Girly Record)
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