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Title: POKENCHI 286: ポケモンたちの生態を写真に記録できる新しいゲームに、JO1のメンバーとしょこたんが初挑戦!/...
New episode title(s) has/have been added to the database. Title: ポケモンたちの生態を写真に記録できる新しいゲームに、JO1のメンバーとしょこたんが初挑戦! /Pokémon-tachi no seitai wo shashin ni kiroku dekiru atarashī game ni, JO1 no member to Shokotan ga hatsu chōsen! /JO1 Members and Shokotan Try the New Game That Lets You Capture Pokémon's Way of Life on Film for the First Time!. Please comment below!
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Title: Re:POKENCHI 286: ポケモンたちの生態を写真に記録できる新しいゲームに、JO1のメンバーとしょこたんが初挑...
Kono and Mamehara from JO1 visit Pokénchi for the first time! The 12th member(?!), Reru, joins in a well as the group researches Pokémon's way of life! We get a storm of "So cute!" from everyone as they play the new game that lets you take your very own photos!!

JO1 members and Shokotan try the new game that lets you capture Pokémon's way of life on film for the first time! The residents get super excited over the more than 200 Pokémon that appear there! It's fun for the entire family!!
Failure at the Rotom Bike Game results in sinisTea...?! Can the 3 JO1 members and the 12th member(?!) Reru safely reach the goal?!

Shoko Nakagawa
Rinka Otani
Guests: Ren Kawashiri (from JO1), Junki Kono (from JO1) and Issei Mamehara (from JO1)
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