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Title: POKENCHI 290: イーブイ×ナゾトキ! / 松丸亮吾くんが特別出題! / イーブイ愛健在の咲楽ちゃんと松丸くん...
New episode title(s) has/have been added to the database. Title: イーブイ×ナゾトキ! / 松丸亮吾くんが特別出題! / イーブイ愛健在の咲楽ちゃんと松丸くん、ポケんち住人でイーブイゲームに挑戦 /Eievui × nazotoki! / Matsumaru Ryōgo-kun ga tokubetsu shutsudai! / Eievui-ai kenzai no Sakura-chan to Matsumaru-kun, Pokénchi jūnin de Eievui game ni chōsen /Eievui x Riddles! / Ryogo Matsumaru Presents Special Questions! /Diehard Eievui Fans Sakura-chan and Matsumaru-kun Attempt an Eievui Game Alongside the Pokénchi Residents. Please comment below!
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Title: Re:POKENCHI 290: イーブイ×ナゾトキ! / 松丸亮吾くんが特別出題! / イーブイ愛健在の咲楽ちゃんと松...
A game special that's a must see for Eievui fans: Eievui x Riddles! Ryogo Matsumaru presents special questions! Everyone gets super excited alongside Sakura Inoue, who has evolved since her last appearance 3 year ago!

Today's guests are Ryogo Matsumaru and Sakura Inoue!
Matsumaru-kun, who has lost several battles in a row, enters a Transel husk and waits for evolution to come... Meanwhile, Sakura Inoue, the girl with the Monjara eyebrows, becomes the center of attention now that she's evolved into a more fashionable form...! Today the diehard Eievui fans Sakura-chan and Matsumaru-kun will attempt an Eievui game alongside the Pokénchi residents! It's 30 minutes of fun you can enjoy with friends and family! Don't miss out!

Shoko Nakagawa
Rinka Otani
Guests: Ryogo Matsumaru and Sakura Inoue
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