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01 Jul 2021 09:09 AM
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Bidoof Day is July 1st, 2021 and the official Pokémon website has plenty of festivities such as: the Bidoof Quiz, Watching Bidoof Save the Day on Pokémon TV, Celebrate Bidoof in Style with themed products available exclusively at the Pokémon Center, Watch the Pokémon TCG Battle of the Bidoof, Take Part in a Bidoof Breakout in Pokémon GO and Get Bidoof Goodies in Pokémon TCG Online.


Celebrate Bidoof Day on July 1st, 2021 with Activities, Rewards, and More

Wondering how to celebrate Bidoof Day in all its glory? Check out the full list of activities and events taking place.

Like many special occasions, Bidoof Day only comes around once, so it's important to make the most of this momentous holiday. Bidoof Day is July 1, but fortunately many of the activities, products, and events taking place will allow you to celebrate over the span of several days—even weeks! Be sure to enjoy all the Bidoofery this glorious holiday has to offer.

Take the Bidoof Quiz: What better way to celebrate than by taking the easiest quiz in Pokémon history? How well do you know Bidoof? Test your knowledge with the Bidoofiest 13-question quiz ever.
Watch Bidoof Save the Day on Pokémon TV: When Team Rocket causes trouble, Bidoof band together to help save the day. You have until July 9 to watch an episode of Pokémon the Series in which Bidoof, Ash, and their friends stop a rampaging Steelix.
Celebrate Bidoof in Style: Embrace your inner Bidoof with themed products available exclusively at the Pokémon Center. Whether you're interested in wearing the Plump Mouse Pokémon—either as a stylish shirt or haute hat—or decorating with Bidoof-themed items, the Pokémon Center has something for every Bidoof fan.
Watch the Pokémon TCG Battle of the Bidoof: Two Pokémon TCG players battle with Bidoof-themed decks for glory and the love of Bidoof.
Take Part in a Bidoof Breakout in Pokémon GO: During this week-long Pokémon GO event, you'll encounter bountiful Bidoof that know attacks they can't normally learn. You'll also get sweet Catch XP bonuses, encounter Bidoof that've been turned into Shadow Pokémon, and more!
Bidoof's a Real Gem in Pokémon Masters EX: Pasio is getting into the Bidoof Day spirit with some sweet log-in bonuses. Play Pokémon Masters EX during the celebration to receive 400 gems (that's Bidoof's Pokédex number...plus one!) every day for three days. That's 1,200 gems total!
Download Digital Bidoof Wallpapers: Visit the Pokémon Trading Card Game website to download adorably Bidoofy digital wallpapers. Archived on the Imageboard at: Here and Here.

Source: https://www.pokemon.com/us/pokemon-news/celebrate-bidoof-day-on-july-1-with-activities-rewards-and-more/

Get Bidoof-Themed Items in the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online


Celebrate Bidoof Day in the Pokémon TCG Online with card sleeves, a deck box, and a coin featuring the lovable Pokémon.

Is your Pokémon Trading Card Game Online collection lacking a certain...shall we say…“je ne sais Bidoof”? Of course it is! You can never have enough Bidoof in your life! Lucky for you, if you log into the Pokémon TCG Online between July 1, 2021, at 12:01 a.m. PDT, and July 7, 2021, at 11:59 p.m. PDT, you'll receive a special log-in bonus of Bidoof-themed card sleeves, a deck box, and a coin for use in the game.

Celebrate Bidoof Day by sprucing up your Pokémon TCG Online deck in its Bidoof-ish best. Your opponents will be in awe of your style and excellent taste in Pokémon. Just remember that these items are bound to your account and are not tradeable. Although really, who would ever want to trade away such a beguiling Bidoof bounty?

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