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Title: Sega Toys - Maskook - Pokémon Masks

A Pokémon design is now available as an optional refill set for the mask decoration kit Maskook (マスクック), which allows you to easily print on commercially available masks!

No heat or water is used, and you can easily print on masks by simply rubbing on the transfer stickers. Two charms can be attached to the left and right strings for a cute swaying effect.

The set includes 100 Pokémon transfer stickers, including Pikachu, Eievui, and Kabigon, and three non-woven masks embossed with Pokémon designs. To use, you will need the Maskook itself (sold separately). This refill set alone cannot be used fully without it.

How to use

1) Choose a sticker and rub it to print on your mask!
2) Use the cute okémon earring stickers to easily change the earring.
3) Arrange the charms in a cute way! Enjoy your coordinated Pokémon mask!

pic pic

pic pic

Product Details:

Distributed by: SEGA TOYS CO.
Release Date: Thursday, July 29th, 2021
Price: 1,650 yen (tax included)
Item number: 4979750805691

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