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14 Jan 2022 03:11 PM
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On Friday, January 28th, 2022, Pikachu Sweets by Pokémon Cafe will be celebrating the release of Pokémon LEGENDS Arceus with a large menu collection featuring Pokémon from the Hisui Region!

What if Pikachu Sweets by Pokémon Cafe opened in the Hisui Region? The Pikachu of Pikachu Sweets have been transformed into Japanese costumes! The Pikachu of Pikachu Sweets have changed into kimono's! Pokémon from Pokémon LEGENDS Arceus such as Mokuroh, Hinoarashi, and Mijumaru, as well as Zorua (Hisui Form) have also joined the menu!

In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the hours of operation, date of release, and contents are subject to change based on guidance and policy statements from the government, local authorities, regulatory agencies, and public health centers.

(From left to right) A Great Adventure in the Hisui Region with Mokuroh! Mt. Tengan Parfait - Matcha Flavor
A Great adventure in the Hisui Region with Hinoarashi! Mt. Tengan Parfait - Brown Sugar Flavor
A Great Adventure in the Hisui Region with Mijumaru! Mt. Tengan Parfait - Kinako Flavor
896 yen each (tax included)
(左から)モクローとヒスイ地方を大冒険!テンガン山パフェ ~抹茶味~/
ヒノアラシとヒスイ地方を大冒険!テンガン山パフェ ~黒糖味~/
ミジュマルとヒスイ地方を大冒険!テンガン山パフェ ~きなこ味~

These parfaits featuring Mokuroh, Hinoarashi, and Mijumaru are based on the theme of the majestic nature of the Hisui Region. The parfait, which looks like a stage for adventure, features a financier that looks like Mount Tengan. The parfait is 11 centimeters long, and you can enjoy the various textures of each parfait, such as chewy and crunchy.

(Top row) Decorated Dango with Apple Whip - Once in a Lifetime Encounter with Pikachu's Tail - with yuzu bean paste
(Bottom row, from left to right) Decorated Dango with Green Tea Whip - Patissier Pikachu's Proud Tea Confectionery - with koshi bean paste
(bottom row, from left to right) Decorated Dango with Strawberry Whip - Pikachu Sweets Pikachu ♀ in Kimono Hospitality - with koshi bean paste
Decorated Dango with Chocolate Whip - Pikachu Sweets Pikachu♂ in Kimono Welcomes You! - with white bean paste
270 yen each (tax included)

(上段)りんごホイップのデコレーション団子 ~一期一会のピカチュウしっぽ~ ゆずあん入り
(下段左から)抹茶ホイップのデコレーション団子 ~和装のパティシエールピカチュウ自慢のお茶菓子~ こしあん入り
いちごホイップのデコレーション団子 ~和装のピカチュウスイーツのピカチュウ♀のおもてなし~ こしあん入り/
チョコレートホイップのデコレーション団子 ~和装のピカチュウスイーツのピカチュウ♂がおでむかえ!~ 白あん入り/

They were given Kimomo style Pikachu Sweets costumes to make us feel like we are in the Hisui region! They are proud of our Kimomo costumes, and they have prepared Dango decorated to match each Pikachu's image to welcome everyone! The Decorated Dango with Apple Whip - Once in a Lifetime Encounter with Pikachu's Tail - with yuzu bean paste will let you choose between a male and female Pikachu. You can't choose the type of toppings though.


(From the top) Pikachu Sweets Souvenir Set - Traditional Japanese Pattern Pikachu Sweets Souvenir Set - Pikachu Sweets Pattern
2,365 yen each (tax included)
(上から)ピカチュウスイーツのおみやげセット 〜和柄〜
ピカチュウスイーツのおみやげセット 〜ピカチュウスイーツ柄〜

Eco bags are now available as part of the Pikachu Sweets merchandise! In addition, a set of eco-bags and Dango are now available on the menu. You can take the decorated Dango's set home in the eco-bag, making it the perfect souvenir!


The souvenir set also comes with an original Pikachu Sweets store sticker! You can use the sticker as a background when you take a picture of the Dango, and enjoy the Pikachu Sweets atmosphere at home! After you've used them for your photo shoot, peel off the stickers and put them on your favorite places! The original stickers will be sold out as soon as supplies last.

Image Image
(From left) Eco-Bag Pikachu Sweets by Pokémon Cafe - Traditional Japanese Pattern
Eco-Bag Pikachu Sweets by Pokémon Cafe - Pikachu Sweets Pattern
1,375 yen each (tax included)
(左から)エコバッグ Pikachu Sweets by Pokémon Cafe 和柄
エコバッグ Pikachu Sweets by Pokémon Cafe ピカチュウスイーツ柄

Each souvenir set can be purchased separately. The eco-bag, which also includes a pouch with a strap, can be conveniently attached to your bag like a mascot! The back of the Traditional Japanese Pattern bag has a pattern with Mokuroh, Hinoarashi, and Mijumaru, perfect for the atmosphere of Pokémon LEGENDS Arceus!

Let's share it with everyone♪ A large collection of Pikachu Sweets in Kimono's! Decorated Dango Set 972 yen (tax included)
みんなでシェアしよう♪和装のピカチュウスイーツのピカチュウ大集合!デコレーション団子セット 972円(税込)

The Decorated Dango Set is a slightly more luxurious in a share pack than a single item! It is recommended to share it with your family and friends and have fun!

Hisui Form Zorua's Cookies and Cream Drink - 864 yen (tax included)
ヒスイのすがたのゾロアのクッキークリームドリンク 864円(税込)

A drink based on Hisui Form Zorua, with its characteristically long hair on its head and tail, is now available! The fluffy whip that resembles the head of Hisui Form Zorua goes perfectly with the cookies and cream flavored drink.

Get Latte - 594 yen (tax included)
Get Latte Cafe Mocha / Caramel / Matcha Milk / Hojicha Milk - 626 yen each (tax included)
ゲットラテ 594円(税込)
ゲットラテ カフェモカ/キャラメル/抹茶ミルク/ほうじ茶ミルク 各626円(税込)

Designs of Mokuroh, Hinoarashi, and Mijumaru, as well as Pikachu and the other Pikachu Sweets Pikachu in Kimono's, have also joined the regular menu item "Get Latte"! The new flavors Matcha Milk and Hojicha Milk go perfectly with the sweets are also available! There are a total of seven designs, one of which is a very rare secret design.


If you order a set of various decorated dango and a "Get Latte", you will receive a coaster with a stand to display the original Pikachu Sweets! Put the coaster on the stand and take a commemorative photo with the menu items! The original coaster will be available as long as supplies last.

Source: https://www.pokemoncenter-online.com/cafe/news/220114_01.html
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