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15 Jan 2022 09:40 AM
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Shiraberu-kun's theme for today is "Razor Leaf"! By mastering 3 points, anyone can easily learn this coolest of all moves?!
We also get a Unite Battle between Nyagisa Saito and Pokénds!

Shiraberu-kun, Kokasu and Leilani Akimoto visit a master to learn the move Razor Leaf that Leafia knows. Will they be able to use the move they just learned to a powerful effect in order to save the captive Pikachu...?

Shoko Nakagawa
Rinka Otani
Guests: Toshiaki Kasuga (from Audrey), Leilani Akimoto, Professor Joe Magic, Nagisa Saito (from =LOVE) and Ryogo Matsumaru