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Many people work on the anime series behind the scenes and have various jobs including: Screenplay, Animation Directors, Episode Directors, Voice Actor, Storyboard artists and many more. This is an index of the people that worked on the anime series.

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Staff Type
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Name Country Language
Aelloe Malaysia Malaysia Malay
Artisminerva Colombia Colombia English
BigOwl Japan Japan Japanese
Cesar Japan Japan Japanese
Cheng Loon Malaysia Malaysia Malay
Christian Quaranta United States United States English
Chuckle Mouse Studio Malaysia Malaysia Malay
Claire Launay Japan Japan French
D'ART Shtajio Japan Japan English
Facu Escobedo Argentina Argentina English
Fusion Studio Japan Japan Japanese
Gabe Lew France France English
Henry Kuan Malaysia Malaysia Malay
Ishimaru Japan Japan Japanese
Julius Japan Japan Japanese
Kanon D-dur Japan Japan Japanese
Kuting Japan Japan Japanese
Luxe Malaysia Malaysia Malay
Mixemirai Malaysia Malaysia Malay
Nabil Malaysia Malaysia Malay