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心のアンテナ (Promo)

  • Kokoro no Antenna
  • Antenna Of The Heart

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Artists: 中川翔子
Arists (Alt): Shōko Nakagawa
Catalog #: SRCL-7065
Release Date: 2009-07-15
Media Type: CD
Discs/Tracks: 4 tracks on 1 disc
Price/MSRP: ¥1223 (Promo)
Runtime: 00:00



■『心のアンテナ -Haruomi Hosono Original Mix-』 … 「劇場版ポケットモンスター ダイヤモンド・パール アルセウス 超克(ちょうこく)の時空へ」主題歌
■『せーので恋しちゃえ●』(※●はハート黒塗りつぶし)・・・「恋活遊園地 in 東京ドームシティ“しょこたんのマジカルサマー”」テーマソング(7月18日~9月13日)

Promotional copy with "SAMPLE · LOANED" stamped on the inner hub mould, and a yellow numbered sticker on the OBI.

Side note: Unfortunately the copy we obtained had a piece of heavy duty tape applied over the numbered sticker on the OBI, placed by a previous owner. As such, it was not possible to remove that without significant damage to the sticker and possibly the OBI piece itself. We will update this entry if we should locate a clean copy.
Track Listing
Disc # Track # Title Length
1 1 心のアンテナ [Lyrics]
Kokoro no Antenna
Antenna Of The Heart
1 2 せーので恋しちゃえ
See no de koishichae
Ready, Set, Love
1 3 硝子のプリズム
Glass no prism
Glass Prism
1 4 心のアンテナ -Haruomi Hosono Original Mix- [Lyrics]
Kokoro no Antenna -Haruomi Hosono Original Mix-
Antenna Of The Heart -Haruomi Hosono Original Mix-