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Pokémon Party

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Artists: 张艺兴
Artists (Alt): Lay Zhang
Catalog #: 1699363280
Release Date: 2023-08-04
Media Type: Digital
Discs/Tracks: 1 track
Price/MSRP: ¥250
Runtime: 02:27
Arranger: Lay Zhang
Producer: Lay Zhang
Studio: Capitol Records China


Pokémon Party was produced by a creative team from China and was arranged and produced by Lay Zhang. He is one of the hottest artists in China, as his 9 albums/EPs released as of this singles release, hold the record for the highest cumulative album sales by a Chinese artist on Tencent Music. His favorite Pokémon is Kabigon, the sleeping Pokémon.

The main character and his Pokémon friends prepare delicious food and throw a party. The song and music video depicts a serious and sincere protagonist, who lives surrounded by Pokémon, and his lively and energetic Pokémon friends enjoy a party together as part of their everyday life.

The single was available on the following platforms: YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music


Track Listing
Track # Title Length
1 Pokémon Party