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The audio database covers mainly officially released audio media. Initially started as a CD database, as less physical discs were released, it transitioned into an audio database to include Digital releases as well as other media formats.

The unique feature of this database is that Anime episodes that have music from one of these releases, have their tracks indexed with the episodes to list how many instances a specific track was used and at what time index. We also have a separate database entry for unreleased Anime music.
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Flag ポケットモンスター サウンド・アニメコレクション音楽集 名場面集
  • Pocket Monsters Sound・Anime Collection - Ongaku Shuu Mei Bamen Shuu
  • Pocket Monsters Sound・Anime Collection - Collection of Music Collection of Scene Names
Released 1998-06-10
Catalog # TGCS-489
Runtime 1:09:19
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Flag とりかえっこプリーズ
  • Torikaekko Please
  • Let's Trade Please
Released 1998-02-10
Catalog # CXDA‐101
Runtime 20:18
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Flag ロケット団よ永遠に
  • Rocket-dan yo Eien ni
  • Rocket Gang Forever!
Released 1997-12-10
Catalog # TGDS-110
Runtime 20:46
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Flag 「ダブルゲットだぜキャアンペエン」 スペシャルCD うたうポケモン図鑑 第1巻
  • [Double Getto-daze Campaign] Supeshyaru CD - Utau Pokemon Zukan Dai 1 Kan
  • [Double Get Campaign] Pokémon Picture Song Book Special CD Volume 1
Released 1997-12-10
Catalog # TGDS-112
Runtime 12:52
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Flag ポケモンかけるかな?
  • Pokémon Kakeru Ka Na?
  • Can You Draw Pokémon?
Released 1997-11-21
Catalog # TGCS-385
Runtime 14:43
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Flag ゲームボーイポケモンのサウンドがまるごと入って遊べるCD
  • GameBoy Pokémon no Sound ga Marugoto Haitte Asoberu CD
  • GameBoy Entire Pokémon Sounds Collection CD
Released 1997-11-01
Catalog # TGCS-384
Runtime 45:15
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Flag めざせポケモンマスター
  • Mezase Pokémon Master
  • Aim To Be A Pokémon Master
Released 1997-06-28
Catalog # TGDS-98
Runtime 21:07
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Flag ポケットモンスター サンプル盤
  • Pocket Monsters Sample-ban
Released 1997-02-10
Catalog # MF-0000
Runtime 00:00
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Flag みんなで選んだポケモンソング&ポケモンカード ポケモン♪ベストコレクション
  • Minna de Eranda Pokémon Song & Pokémon Card Pokémon ♪ Best Collection
  • Everyone's Elected Pokémon Song & Pokemon Card Pokemon ♪ Best Collection
Catalog # TGCS-570
Runtime 57:25
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Flag Pokémon, Chyťte je všechny!
Catalog # 820502
Runtime 48:10
CD Thumbnail
Flag Pokémon: Gotta Catch the Sound Original Soundtrack
Catalog # 3591666
Runtime 1:05:54
CD Thumbnail
Flag Pokemon - Du må fange dem alle!
Catalog # A041996-01 / LC01666 / 0124202ERE
Runtime 42:00
CD Thumbnail
Flag Pokémon - Para Ser um Mestre
Catalog # 5607001-2
Runtime 48:05
CD Thumbnail
Flag Pokémon O Filme
Runtime 1:03:39
CD Thumbnail
Flag Totalmente Pokémon
Runtime 54:26
CD Thumbnail
Flag Pokémon, Du skal fange dem!
Catalog # ERE0113892
Runtime 48:13
CD Thumbnail
Flag Pokémon 3, Det Ultimative Soundtrack
Runtime 58:12
CD Thumbnail
Flag Pokémon Total (Las Nuevas Canciones de la Serie de TV)
Catalog # LC 01666
Runtime 1:14:35