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Character Names
  • English / United States: Crispin
  • Japanese / Japan: カツゾー
  • Japanese (Romanized) / Japan: Katsuzō
  • Japanese (TL) / Japan: Katsuzo
Voice Actors
Crispin is the mountain guardian that patrols the mountains Magnezone and Metagross live in. Ash Ketchum and co. along with the nearby city's Officer Jenny met him while they were luring Magnezone and Metagross away from the city and back to the mountains. Crispin told them that he had been looking everywhere for the wild Pokémon.

After leading Ash Ketchum, Dawn, Brock and Officer Jenny to the mountain basin where Magnezone and Metagross engage in battles, he explained to them that there is magnetism everywhere in the mountains and that strange magnetic forces are often emitted. Whenever there's such an emission, the bodies of Magnezone and Metagross fill with that magnetic force, and the two Pokémon fight each other in order to get rid of the excessive magnetism. After the basin got filled with water, though, the Steel-type Pokémon disappeared and Crispin went to look for them. He was really shocked to hear that the two Pokémon had started rampaging in the city, and, in order to prevent that from happening again, he went to search for the reason behind the flooding of the basin, along with Ash Ketchum, his friends and Officer Jenny.

After a brief search, they found out that a rock had been blocking a nearby river's flow, thus acting as a dam and leading the water to the basin instead. In order to prevent more water from flowing to the basin, Crispin said that they had to remove the rock. Team Rocket then showed up and tried to remove it using their balloon's enhancements, but their attempt failed. Eventually, the rock was broken into pieces by a powerful Brick Break attack coming from Brock's Croagunk, and the river flow returned to normal.

As the river flow had returned to normal, which would hinder more water from ending up at the Steel-type Pokémon's battling spot, the only thing that was left to do was get rid of the water that was still in the basin. With the help of Dawn's Buneary and Brock's Happiny, Crispin, Ash Ketchum and the others managed to return the place to its former condition, thus bringing the wild Pokémon's rampage to an end.