Character Information:

Dozer's Gurdurr


Character Names / Voice Actors:
Known As:
  • Flag Dozer's Gurdurr
  • Flag ゲンバのドテッコツ
  • Flag Genba no Dotekkotsu
  • Flag Genba's Dotekkotsu
Voiced By:
Dozer's Gurdurr battled against Ash's Farfetch'd in a Great Class World Coronation Series match at the Rock Tunnel entrance in the Kanto region. Gurdurr worked hard to build up its frame into tip-top shape, which made it as trained-up as it could get. Despite its training, it lost the battle to Ash Ketchum after Ash's Farfetch'd broke through its girder.
Known Moveset
Move Type First Ep Notes
Bulk Up Type PM2019 51 It physically got bigger and after it was defeated, it went back to its normal size.
Focus Blast Type PM2019 51 Met Night Slash head-on.
High Horsepower Type PM2019 51 Dozer asked Ash what he thought of the High Horsepower move as the steel beam swings were to make him tremble with fear.
Brutal Swing Type PM2019 51 Sent Farfetch'd flying into a pile of rocks.