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  • Flag ブルータス
  • Flag Blutus
  • Flag Blutus
Blutus is a BluePoké Maniac and acquaintance of Abel. He was in the blue art gallery in Vermilion City when he overheard Abel explaining his interpretation of the Brionne picture as said that he didn't have that great of an imagination.
Owned Pokémon
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  • Japan ブルータスのグレッグル
  • Japan Blutus no Gureggru
  • Japan Blutus's Gureggru
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  • Japan ブルータスのニャオニクス
  • Japan Blutus no Nyaonix
  • Japan Blutus's Nyaonix
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  • Japan ブルータスのガマゲロゲ
  • Japan Blutus no Gamageroge
  • Japan Blutus's Gamageroge