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Professor Turo

Character Names
  • English / United States: Professor Turo
  • Japanese / Japan: フトゥー博士
  • Japanese (TL) / Japan: Futu-hakase
Professor Turo was one of Paldea's leading Pokémon Professors, as well as a top graduate from Uva Academy. He appears only in Pokémon Violet. Professor Turo was Arven's father, and was fascinated with the idea of Future Pokémon and future times from a very young age due to reading all about it in the Violet Book. He had worked in the Great Crater of Paldea to create a Time Machine that could send Master Balls to ancient time periods to catch them and send them to the present. However, when he brought two Miraidon to the present, they got into a territorial struggle in Research Station No. 4. Turo put himself between the two, and was killed. The Professor that the player, Florian or Juliana, talks to throughout the games is actually an AI the Professor created to look like him, an AI that maintains the time machine that is referred to as "AI Turo" (AI フトゥー). The AI doesn't understand how bringing Pokémon from a different age would be good for the ecosystem of the present times, and asks the player to put a stop to it. However, this causes protections to be put in place coded by the original Turo to activate, causing the player to fight the AI against it's wishes.