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Game Details:

Developer: Genius Sonority
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: Nintendo DS
Release Date(s): April 21st, 2011 (JPN), September 2012 (EUR)
Mode(s): Single player
Rating(s): CERO: A (JPN), Pegi: 3 (EUR)
Controller(s): Nintendo DS
Extra Contents: Typing Main Page - Typing Dex - Unlockable


Learn with Pokémon Typing Adventure (Battle & Get! Pokémon Typing DS バトル&ゲット! ポケモンタイピングDS) is a Japanese learning game that allows children to learn roman characters while battling and getting their favorite Pokémon at the same time. The game was released in Japan on April 21st, 2011 and sold for 5800yen.


Players run through a variety of courses such as forests and water levels and can encounter Zorua and Pikachu as well as 400 other Pokémon like Victini. The game is a touch typing tutor which utilizes Pokémon to make the learning experience a lot more enjoyable. Children can work towards the goal of being able to touch type but also have fun with many of the new 5th Generation Pokémon. However, the game is not just targeted at kids as adults will also find the game challenging even for those that already have good typing skills. The game helps players learn the roman alphabet and characters while interacting with their favorite Pokémon characters.

Typing quickly and accurately can lead to rare Pokémon appearances like the Legendary Pokémon Zekrom. At the end of the course, players will have to beat a boss by typing the correct characters. If players successfully type the name of the Pokémon they are encountering during the course, they can capture it with a Typing Ball (タイピングボール) and the information is added to their dex.

Course Course

Characters in the Game

Players are able to choose between a boy or a girl when then start the game and create their profile. Throughout the game a girl named Key (キイ) will help players by giving advice. A man named Age (エイジ) is excited to be helping the player investigate the Pokémon that haven't been seen.


Included with the Game

The game comes with a Bluetooth compliant keyboard and the ROM cart for Battle & Get! Pokémon Typing DS also has a built-in Bluetooth communication chip to allow the Nintendo DS to wirelessly communicate with the keyboard. Nintendo will not guarantee compatibility with other devices other than the Nintendo DS but the keyboard can connect to the iPhone and Android devices.

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The game also includes a basic chart which maps Japanese characters to their Roman alphabet equivalents to make it easier for players to learn.



  • Allows children to learn roman characters in a unique and fun way through the World of Pokémon!
  • Over 400 Pokémon are available in the game!
  • Battle & Get Pokémon from all Generations including the latest 5th Generation.
  • Bluetooth compliant keyboard also syncing to the game but also other Bluetooth devices.


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