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Pokémon - Vol. 19: Our Hero Meowth

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Audio Tracks:   English
Publisher:  Pioneer Entertainment & VIZ
Catalog #:  PIKA-0019D
Release Date:  2000-07-18
Aspect Ratio:  4:3
Region Code:  
Video Format:  NTSC
Storage Medium:  VHS
Closed Captions?:  No
Rental Only?:  No


Underwater Pokémon Battle! Misty is the star of the Cerulean Gym's underwater play, but the villians in the play are the dramatic Team Rocket! Then, neither Misty nor Jessie have ever owned princess dolls, but now the winner of an all-girl Pokémon tournament takes home the priceless Pokémon Princess Collection! Plus, a little boy knows which is the bravest, most honorable Pokémon in the world: Meowth!?


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Episode List
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  •   げきとう!ポケモンひなまつり
  •   Fierce Fighting! Pokémon Doll Festival
  •   Princess vs. Princess
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  •   こどものひだよぜんいんしゅうごう
  •   It's Children's Day, Everyone Gathers
  •   The Purr-fect Hero
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  •   ハナダジム!すいちゅうのたたかい!
  •   Hanada Gym! Underwater Battle!
  •   The Misty Mermaid