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Titles and Airdates
  • United States 1999-09-04 Princess vs. Princess
  • Japan 1998-07-09 げきとう!ポケモンひなまつり
  • Japan Gekitō! Pokémon Hinamatsuri
  • Japan 1998-07-09 Fierce Fighting! Pokémon Doll Festival
  • Germany Das Prinzessinnenfest
  • France La guerre des princesses
  • Spain Princesa contra princesa
  • Sweden 2001-03-31 Prinsessfestivaltävlingen
  • Italy Una festa principesca
  • Mexico ¡Princesa contra princesa!
  • Finland 2001-03-17 Prinsessat nokakkain
  • Taiwan 激鬥!!神奇寶貝娃娃節
  • Poland Księżniczka kontra księżniczka
  • Netherlands Prinses tegen Prinses
  • Brazil Princesa Contra Princesa
  • Israel יום הנסיכה
  • Czechia Princezna proti princezně
  • Norway Prinsesse mot prinsesse
  • Denmark Prinsessen Mod Prinsessen
  • Greece Πριγκίπισσα Εναντίον Πριγκίπισσας
  • Portugal Princesa Contra Princesa
  • Russia Принцесса против принцессы
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Team Ota

Japan Screenplay 武上純希 (Junki Takegami)
Japan Storyboard 横田和 (Kazu Yokota)
Japan Animation Director 武田優作 (Yūsaku Takeda)
Japan Episode Director 大町繁 (Shigeru Ōmachi)

OP/ED List

Aim To Be A Pokémon Master
Fantasy in My Pocket
Pokémon: Oltre i Cieli dell'Avventura
Pokémon: Beyond the Skies of the Adventure
모험의 시작
Start of an Adventure
우리는 모두 친구
We Are All Friends
Pocket Monster
Count the Pokémon
Pokémon Roll Call
Today is Princess Festival Day where woman and girls get to do what they want. Lots of woman are buying stuff. Misty gets a lot of stuff from a store and puts it all in a shopping cart. All the boys get to carry the packages. Misty has a table filled with delicious desserts. Brock sees a girl that he likes but she ditches him. Misty points to a sign. Ash just sees a sign advertising a movie but she meant the one next to it. It's a sign advertising a BIG SALE.

Jessie is trying on many different outfits. She buys all of them. James and Meowth complain on how boring shopping is. Jessie adds in that she bought gifts for the boss so that he won't be mad at them for not capturing Pikachu. A Lickitung comes out of the bushes. It sticks out its long tongue and eats all the food that was supposed to be for the boss. Lickitung also eats the clothes that Jessie bought but then it spits them out. Jessie gets mad and sends out Arbok. Lickitung paralyzes Arbok with a Lick attack. Then Jessie throws a Pokéball at Lickitung and captures it.

Meanwhile, a bunch of girls including Misty and Jessie are fighting over a clothes. Ash and Brock are sitting on a bench bored. James and Meowth are sitting at another bench and they are bored too. Then Misty sees a skirt she likes. Unfortunately, Jessie has a hold of the same skirt too and they begin to fight over it. A woman comes and takes the skirt that Jessie and Misty were fighting for. Then an announcement is made about a Queen Festival Contest. The prize is a collection of Princess Dolls. A large crowd cheers as Ash, Brock, and James get trampled.

The announcer talks and a curtain rises revealing the contestants. The announcer states again that the winner receives a unique collection of Pokedolls. Everyone is screaming and cheering. The announcer also notes that the winner has to be a skilled Pokémon trainer. Only four Pokémon may be used. Misty begs for Ash and Brock to help her. She tells them that it's important for her to win the dolls because of her sisters. Brock thinks it's a girl thing and Ash thinks it's a Misty thing. Misty hears this and punches Ash in the face. Brock and Ash agree to help her. Ash lets Misty borrow his Pikachu and Bulbasaur and Brock lets Misty borrow his Vulpix. Now Misty has Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Vulpix, and Starmie to battle with.

Misty has her first match against a trainer. The trainer sends out Kingler and Misty sends out Bulbasaur. Bulbasaur uses Vine Whip and it wins the first round. Bulbasaur also wins against a Pinsir, Cubone, and Raticate. Misty wins the first battle. Now it's Jessie's turn. She sends Meowth into battle as it versus Primeape. Primeape punches Meowth hard and it faints. Jessie now has her Arbok use Bite. The venom from Arbok's Bite attack knocks Primeape out. Misty and Jessie win one battle after another and soon they are versing each other in the finals. James asks if Jessie is going to play by the rules and Jessie says that the Princess Festival brings back bad memories. She tells them how she never got an expensive doll before. James and Meowth wish Jessie the best of luck. The battle starts.

Jessie sends out Arbok and Misty sends out Pikachu. Pikachu uses Thunderbolt and Arbok faints. Jessie sends in Weezing next. Another Thunderbolt from Pikachu sends Weezing to the ground. Next, Jessie sends in Meowth. Meowth faints as well from Pikachu's Thunderbolt attack. Meowth reminds her of the Lickitung she caught earlier. So Jessie sends out Lickitung. Ash looks up Lickitung in his Pokédex. Jessie orders for a Lick attack and Misty orders for a Thunderbolt. Lickitung is faster and licks Pikachu which makes Pikachu faint. Misty sends out Bulbasaur next. Before Bulbasaur can attack, Lickitung licks Bulbasaur and Bulbasaur faints too. Misty sends out Vulpix next but Lickitung is too fast for it. Another Lick attack has Vulpix faint. Misty is about send out Staryu but Psyduck pops out instead. Lickitung licks Psyduck but it has no effect on Psyduck. Misty tells Psyduck to use Water Gun but Psyduck gets confused. From the licking, Psyduck gets a headache and then it uses Confusion on Lickitung. Lickitung gets sent backwards. It bumps into Team Rocket and they get blasted off again.

Misty wins the contest and gets the Princess Pokedolls. Misty puts the doll set in a package and plans to send it out to the Cerulean Gym to make her sisters jealous. Jessie is very sad that she didn't win the doll set. Lickitung licks her to cheer her up, but that doesnt' work. James and Meowth present her with their own special made dolls.

English Official Summary

Misty and Jessie compete against one another for Queen of the Princess Festival, a day where women rule and the guys have to do whatever the girls tell them. Misty finds out how important friends are when Ash and Brock allow her to use their Pokémon in the tournament. But Jessie manages to lick her competition with a surprise Pokémon of her own.

Italian Official Summary

Misty e Jessie si sfidano per il titolo di principessa nel giorno della festa dedicata a tutte le donne. Ash e Brock prestano i loro Pokémon a Misty, mentre uno dei suoi Pokémon sorprenderà Jessie. Chi vincerà la sfida?

Portuguese Official Summary

Misty e Jessie competem pelo título de Rainha do Festival de Princesas! Ash e Brock emprestam os seus Pokémon a Misty para o combate, e Jessie leva uma abada apesar do seu próprio Pokémon surpresa.

Spanish Latin America Official Summary

¡Misty y Jessie compiten para ser la Reina del Festival de la Princesa! Ash y Brock le prestan a Misty sus Pokémon para la batalla, y Jessie es derrotada a pesar de su Pokémon sorpresa.

Spanish Official Summary

Misty y Jessie compiten entre sí por ser la reina del Festival de las Princesas, un día donde las chicas mandan y los chicos tienen que hacer todo lo que las chicas digan.

English Great Britian Official Summary

Misty and Jessie compete against one another for Queen of the Princess Festival, a day where women rule and the guys have to do whatever the girls tell them. Misty finds out how important friends are when Ash and Brock allow her to use their Pokémon in the tournament. But Jessie manages to lick her competition with a surprise Pokémon of her own.

Dutch Official Summary

Misty en Jessie doen mee aan de Koningin van het Prinsessen Festival. Ash en Brock lenen Misty hun Pokémon voor het Gevecht en Jessie krijgt lik op stuk ondanks de inzet van een van haar eigen nieuwe Pokémon.

French Official Summary

Ondine et Jessie s'affrontent lors de la fête des Princesses, un jour spécial où les hommes doivent obéir aux moindres ordres des femmes.

German Official Summary

Misty und Jessie wollen beide zur Königin des Prinzessinnenfestes gekürt werden. An diesem Festtag haben die Frauen das Sagen und die Jungen und Männer müssen tun, was ihnen aufgetragen wird.

Danish Official Summary

Misty og Jessie konkurrerer om at blive Dronningen af Prinsessefestivalen! Misty låner Ashs og Brocks Pokémon til kampen, og Jessie må tage et sviende nederlag på trods af en overraskende Pokémon i baghånden.


Character Thumbnail
  • United States Ash Ketchum
  • Japan サトシ
  • Japan Satoshi
  • Japan Satoshi
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Pikachu
  • Japan ピカチュウ
  • Japan Pikachu
  • Japan Pikachu
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Misty
  • Japan カスミ
  • Japan Kasumi
  • Japan Kasumi
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Brock
  • Japan タケシ
  • Japan Takeshi
  • Japan Takeshi
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Meowth
  • Japan ニャース
  • Japan Nyarth
  • Japan Nyarth
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Jessie
  • Japan ムサシ
  • Japan Musashi
  • Japan Musashi
Character Thumbnail
  • United States James
  • Japan コジロウ
  • Japan Kojirō
  • Japan Kojiro
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Brock's Vulpix
  • Japan タケシのロコン
  • Japan Takeshi no Rokon
  • Japan Takeshi's Rokon
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Lily
  • Japan ボタン
  • Japan Botan
  • Japan Botan
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Daisy
  • Japan サクラ
  • Japan Sakura
  • Japan Sakura
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Violet
  • Japan アヤメ
  • Japan Ayame
  • Japan Ayame
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Ash's Bulbasaur
  • Japan サトシのフシギダネ
  • Japan Satoshi no Fushigidane
  • Japan Satoshi's Fushigidane
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Misty's Psyduck
  • Japan カスミのコダック
  • Japan Kasumi no Koduck
  • Japan Kasumi's Koduck
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Jessie's Arbok
  • Japan ムサシのアーボック
  • Japan Musashi no Arbok
  • Japan Musashi's Arbok
Character Thumbnail
  • United States James's Weezing
  • Japan コジロウのマタドガス
  • Japan Kojirō no Matadogas
  • Japan Kojiro's Matadogas
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Fiorella Cappucino
  • Japan タクヤ
  • Japan Takuya
  • Japan Takuya
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Jessie's Lickitung
  • Japan ムサシのベロリンガ
  • Japan Musashi no Beroringa
  • Japan Musashi's Beroringa
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Announcer/TV Presenter
  • Japan キャスター
  • Japan Caster
  • Japan Caster

Wild Pokémon

Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Raticate
  • Japan ラッタ
  • Japan Ratta
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Fearow
  • Japan オニドリル
  • Japan Onidrill
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Parasect
  • Japan パラセクト
  • Japan Parasect
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Primeape
  • Japan オコリザル
  • Japan Okorizaru
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Machoke
  • Japan ゴーリキー
  • Japan Goriky
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Graveler
  • Japan ゴローン
  • Japan Golone
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Kingler
  • Japan キングラー
  • Japan Kingler
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Cubone
  • Japan カラカラ
  • Japan Karakara
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Lickitung
  • Japan ベロリンガ
  • Japan Beroringa
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Tangela
  • Japan モンジャラ
  • Japan Monjara
Pokémon Thumbnail
  • United States Pinsir
  • Japan カイロス
  • Japan Kailios
No notes available for this episode.

Who's that Pokémon Dare da


Who's that Pokémon Indigo League

Japanese Music:

Time Track Notes
Japan 00:01 めざせポケモンマスター
Japanese (Romanized): Mezase Pokémon Master
Japanese (Trans): Aim to Be a Pokémon Master
Opening Theme for Japanese Version
Japan 01:48 1997-1998-M02 続くったら,続く
Japanese (Romanized): Tsuzukuttara, Tsuzuku
Japanese (Trans): To Be Continued
The narrator speaks about the privilegies that girls and women have during the day of Princess Festival.
Japan 02:20 1997-1998-M52 Title Card Kanto Title Card Music
Japan 03:18 1997-1998-M20 なんだかんだと聞かれたら…
Japanese (Romanized): Nandakanda to Kikaretara…
Japanese (Trans): If You Ask Us About Whatever…
Rocket Gang Motto
Japan 04:06 1997-1998-M28 Today's Pokémon Curiosity Rocket Gang sees a Beroringa appear from the bushes.
Japan 07:12 1997-1998-M12-1 シオンへの道‐クチバより
Japanese (Romanized): Shion e no michi - Kuchiba yori
Japanese (Trans): The Road to Shion - From Kuchiba
The announcer and Takuya present the event.
Japan 09:38 1997-1998-M05 祈り
Japanese (Romanized): Inori
Japanese (Trans): Prayer
Kasumi speaks about how her older sisters all got doll sets, while the ones she got were handed down and broken already.
Japan 10:38 1997-1998-M53 Eyecatch A Dare da?
Japan 10:45 1997-1998-M54 Eyecatch B Beroringa!
Japan 10:51 1997-1998-M30 大混戦
Japanese (Romanized): Daikonsen
Japanese (Trans): Chaos
Kasumi's opponent sends out her Kingler.
Japan 12:24 1997-1998-M56 戦い(VSトレーナー)
Japanese (Romanized): Tatakai (VS Trainer)
Japanese (Trans): Battle (VS Trainer)
Okorizaru attacks Musashi's Arbok.
Japan 13:47 1997-1998-M06 涙,のち晴れ
Japanese (Romanized): Namida, Nochi Hare
Japanese (Trans): Tears, then Calm
Musashi speaks about how she also didn't have dolls of her own, unlike her sisters.
Japan 14:46 1997-1998-M27 激闘果てしなく~逃げろや逃げろ!
Japanese (Romanized): Nigero ya Nigero!
Japanese (Trans): Run Away, Run Away!
The battle between Musashi and Kasumi begins!
Japan 15:46 1997-1998-M56B 戦い(VSトレーナー)
Japanese (Romanized): Tatakai (VS Trainer)
Japanese (Trans): Battle (VS Trainer)
Musashi sends out her Beroringa.
Japan 17:52 1997-1998-M59B 道案内
Japanese (Romanized): Michiannai
Japanese (Trans): Guide
Kasumi sends out her Hitodeman... or rather, her Koduck appears.
Japan 19:10 1997-1998-M03 ポケモン!ゲットだぜ!
Japanese (Romanized): Pokémon Getto Da ze!
Japanese (Trans): Get Pokémon!
Koduck uses Confusion on Beroringa!
Japan 20:10 1997-1998-M46 To Be Continued (Sample) Kasumi sends the dolls she won to the Hanada Gym, to make her sisters jealous.
Japan 20:49 Okido's Senryū Theme Rocket Gang tries to make Musashi feel better for the loss by dressing into dolls. She follows suit.
Japan 21:00 ポケットにファンタジー
Japanese (Romanized): Pocket ni Fantasy
Japanese (Trans): Fantasy In The Pocket
Ending Theme for Japanese Version
Japan 22:20 Mezase Pokémon Master Instrumental Episode 53 preview

Dub Music:

Time Track Notes
United States 00:00 Pokémon Theme Opening Theme for the English Dub
United States 01:59 1997-1998-M52 Title Card Title Card
United States 02:57 1997-1998-M20 なんだかんだと聞かれたら…
Japanese (Romanized): Nandakanda to Kikaretara…
Japanese (Trans): If You Ask Us About Whatever…
Team Rocket's Motto
United States 10:30 1997-1998-M30 大混戦
Japanese (Romanized): Daikonsen
Japanese (Trans): Chaos
Misty's opponent sends out her Kingler.
United States 12:03 1997-1998-M56 戦い(VSトレーナー)
Japanese (Romanized): Tatakai (VS Trainer)
Japanese (Trans): Battle (VS Trainer)
Primeape attacks Musashi's Arbok.
United States 14:25 1997-1998-M27 激闘果てしなく~逃げろや逃げろ!
Japanese (Romanized): Nigero ya Nigero!
Japanese (Trans): Run Away, Run Away!
The battle between Jessie and Misty begins!
United States 15:26 1997-1998-M56 戦い(VSトレーナー)
Japanese (Romanized): Tatakai (VS Trainer)
Japanese (Trans): Battle (VS Trainer)
Jessie sends out her Lickitung. (Another instance of 4Kids replacing Japanese music with other Japanese music.)
United States 18:49 1997-1998-M03 ポケモン!ゲットだぜ!
Japanese (Romanized): Pokémon Getto Da ze!
Japanese (Trans): Get Pokémon!
Psyduck uses Confusion on Lickitung!
United States 20:45 My Best Friends Pikachu's Jukebox
United States 21:45 Pokémon Theme Ending Theme for the English Dub

Music Statistics:

Number of Assigned Tracks to the Japanese Original: 20
Number of Assigned Tracks to the English Dub: 10
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