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Pokémon Advanced Challenge: Manectric Charge - Volume 4

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Audio Tracks:   English
Publisher:  VIZ Media
Catalog #:  782009234364
Release Date:  2005-11-29
Aspect Ratio:  4:3
Region Code:  
Video Format:  NTSC
Storage Medium:  DVD5
Closed Captions?:  Yes
Rental Only?:  No


Going, Going, Yawn
Burning with desire, Ash gets ready to beat Flannery, the Lavaridge Gym Leader, and win a Heat Badge!

Going for a Spinda
Team Rocket learns the hard way that grabbing some Spinda can make your head spin.

All Torkoal, No Play
Deep in the Valley of Steel, Ash and his friends help out a tough, but scared Torkoal.

Manectric Charge
Back in the Mauville City, Ash's Torkoal gets a jolt from Wattson's Manectric.

Delecatty Got Your Tongue
When Skitty loses its voice, May learns about the Doctor Abby's Pokémon Past.


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Episode List
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  •   ヒートバッジ!燃えるバトルでゲットだぜ!!
  •   The Heat Badge! Getting One in a Battle of Burning Passion!!
  •   Going, Going, Yawn
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  •   パッチールがいっぱい!幸せさがして山の彼方に!?
  •   Lots of Patcheel! Searching for Happiness Over the Mountain!?
  •   Going for a Spinda
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  •   ハガネの谷を突破せよ!コータスVSハガネール!!
  •   Break Through Steel Valley! Cotoise VS Haganeil!!
  •   All Torkoal, No Play
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  •   キンセツジムふたたび!VSライボルト!!
  •   Kinsetsu Gym Once Again! VS Livolt!!
  •   Manectric Charge
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  •   エネコとエネコロロ!伝説のコーディネーター登場!!
  •   Eneco and Enekororo! Enter the Legendary Coordinator!!
  •   Delcatty Got Your Tongue