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  • Japan ホーホーとあやしいもり! 「ポケモンカードゲームLEGEND」ロバート体験 バトリオ0、ホウオウとルギアのマスターボールパック登場
  • Japan Hōhō to Ayashii Mori! / 'Pokémon Card Game LEGEND' Robert taiken / Battrio 0, Houou to Lugia no Master Ball Puck tōjō
  • Japan Hoho and the Suspicious Forest! / Robert's Experiences with 'Pokemon Card Game LEGEND' / Introduction of the Battrio 0 Houou and Lugia Master Ball Pucks


OP/ED List

ポケモン☆サンデー (バージョン5)
Pokémon Sunday (Version 5)
The show started with Professor Red's latest invention, the RED052. The device mix and matches the faces of the Pokémon Sunday crew to make funny looking new faces.

We then got to watch another physical Pokémon Card Game battle with oversized cards in the episode, as Baba and Akiyama challenged the comedian duo Savanna (サバンナ), consisting of Masumi Yagi (八木 真澄) and Shigeo Takahashi (高橋 茂雄). The battle was done using cards from the new LEGEND series. In addition to the Houou Legend and Lugia Legend cards, we were shown, among other cards, the "Great Pokémon" card Ordile and the new promotional Red Gyarados card available in random LEGEND basic packs.

The rerun serial "Pokémon Selection" continued the theme "The Happy Pokémon of the Jouto Region", with today's episode focusing on a pervy and rather incompetent Hoho Satoshi and his friends hire to lead them through a spooky woods, which obviously results in complications.

During the Pokémon Sunday News segment, video from the upcoming game PokéPark Wii Pikachu's Great Adventure (ポケパークWii ~ピカチュウの大冒険~) was shown. Pokémon Battrio Leader Shō made an appearance on the show to promote the latest collection of pucks for the Battrio game, "Flight of Houou and Lugia". Yamamoto and Shō demonstrated the pucks in a game of Pokémon Battrio ZERO (ポケモンバトリオ0) that Shō easily won as he had Ho-Oh & Lugia on his side.


Character Thumbnail
  • United States Shoko Nakagawa
  • Japan 中川翔子
  • Japan Shōko Nakagawa
  • Japan Shoko Nakagawa
Character Thumbnail
  • Japan 馬場裕之
  • Japan Hiroyuki Baba
  • Japan Hiroyuki Baba
Character Thumbnail
  • Japan 山本博
  • Japan Hiroshi Yamamoto
  • Japan Hiroshi Yamamoto
Character Thumbnail
  • Japan 秋山竜次
  • Japan Ryuuji Akiyama
  • Japan Ryuuji Akiyama
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Golgo Matsumoto
  • Japan ゴルゴ松本
  • Japan Golgo Matsumoto
  • Japan Golgo Matsumoto
Character Thumbnail
  • Japan レッド吉田
  • Japan Red Yoshida
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Pokémon Sunday Chimchar
  • Japan ポケモン☆サンデーのヒコザル
  • Japan Pokémon Sunday no Hikozaru
  • Japan Pokémon Sunday Hikozaru
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Director Lucario
  • Japan ルカリオ部長
  • Japan Director Buchō
  • Japan Director Lucario
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Pokémon Battrio Leader Sho
  • Japan ポケモンバトリオリーアー ショウ
  • Japan Pokémon Battrio Leader Shō
  • Japan Pokémon Battrio Leader Sho
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Teacher Takashima
  • Japan タカシマ先生
  • Japan Takashima-sensei
  • Japan Teacher Takashima
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This episode was pretty boring overall. It really didn't have anything interesting or funny for the card battle segment like the previous ones did. The Red052 machine was kinda funny and it appeared that the Pokemon Sunday crew were genuinely laughing at the different faces that were created. The new PokePark game was shown during the news segment and it looks like it might be a good game.
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