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  • Japan 2010-08-15 ヤミラミでドッキリ! / 「目指せ!ポケサン新記録!!」で変な動きをする少年登場/ポケモンBW「新ポケモン情報」&ツタージャ・ポカブ・ミジュマルのバトル
  • Japan 2010-08-15 Yamirami de dokkiri! / 'Mezase! PokéSun shinkiroku!!' de hen na ugoki wo suru shōnen tōjō / Pokémon BW 'Shin Pokémon jōhō' & Tsutarja - Pokabu - Mijumaru no battle
  • Japan 2010-08-15 A Startling Yamirami! / Weird Boys appear in 'Aim For a New PokéSun Record!!' / Pokémon BW 'Information on New Pokémon' & A Battle with Tsutarja, Pokabu and Mijumaru

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ポケモン☆サンデー (バージョン6)
Pokémon Sunday (Version 6)
The show started of with Golgo and Professor Red practicing their baseball skills. Red was batting and Golgo was pitching as Robert and Shoko-tan enter the room. Baba asks to have a try batting but as Golgo pitches the ball, Baba is confused because he didn't see it and Red didn't catch it. They start looking for the ball as Shoko-tan points out the ball mysteriously is on Yamamoto's right eye and he is lying on the ground.

Shoko-tan announces this weeks rerun theme, the continuation of last weeks new Ghost Pokémon theme, Testing the Shocked Feelings!? Ghost Pokémon Big Special (ドッキリ キモ試し!?ゴートポケモン大特集). A Startling Yamirami! was this weeks repeat episode which featured a Yamirami scaring people in a mine shaft. A full summary of this episode is available in the Episode Guide.

A preview clip of this weeks episode of Pocket Monsters Diamond and Pearl (ポケットモンスター ダイヤモンド&パール), DP188 - Rival Battle Conclusion! Satoshi VS Shinji!! (決着ライバルバトル!サトシ対シンジ!!) was played that displayed a few new images. The episode was also promoted throughout the repeat episode on the widescreen pillar bars. Satoshi and Shinji will finally finish the full battle rematch during the quarter-final round of the Sinnoh League. Who will win?! The episode airs on Thursday August 19th, 2010.

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Returning from the repeat episode, the PokéSun crew has a 'Wack-a-Mole' like tent setup to promote the latest Movie. The tent is used as a New PokéSun Record event. Shoko-tan decides that she'd try out the game which requires her to take pictures of Zoroark with the Nintendo DSi. Robert's head pop out as distractions so she'll take pictures of them instead of Zoroark. She managed to take 3 pictures of Zoroark but she took 2 picture of Yamamoto and one picture of Akiyama's hair to give her a final score of 0 points.

TIM head off to Kamagaya Hatsutomi Chiba City Elementary School (千葉県 鎌ヶ谷市立初富小学校) for another PokéSun Record event. The first event was the Celebi Relay Race (ときのはもん ときわたりリレー) which had the teams dressed up in green ponchos and boots so they looked like Celebi. Each team held a bucket of water over their head and had to walk across a narrow board without spilling too much water. The team members pass the water bucket to each member of the team and the team with the most amount of water left in the bucket at the end of the relay is the winner. A team ended up winning the event.

The next event was Dodorio Rope Skipping (ドードリオのがむしゃらなわとび) and featured 3 people holding hands while running and skipping together as fast as they could across the gym. The event featured next was Sawamular's Megaton Kick (サワムラーのメガトンキック) which required people to kick their shoe off as far as they could. One kid was able to kick his shoe over 20 metres!

The next event was Zoroark's Camera Shutter (ゾロアークシャッターチャンス), the event that Shoko-tan played earlier in the show. The record is 9 points for the game but no one was able to beat the record. The final event for the day was the PokéWalker relay. Blue team managed to get the best score for the day with -204. The current record is -404.

During the Pokémon Game Arena, Robert visited The Pokémon Company where they were greeted by Pokémon Company Publicity Department Member Jonathan (株式会社ポケモン 宣伝企各部 前野”ジョナサン” 和志さん). Akiyama was dressed up as Shoko-tan which amused both Yamamoto and Baba for a bit when Shoko-Akiyama was revealed. Jonathan first revealed the cases for Black and White and indicated that the outside of the case was a bit different as Reshiram (レシラム) and Zekrom (ゼクロム) tails both glow a bit.

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As revealed in the latest issue of CoroCoro, Pokémon Sunday also revealed the latest new Pokémon in Black and White on the show. Below is the revealed information.

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New Pokémon

Picture Pokémon Info Ability Type Height Weight
thumbnail Gigaiasu
High Pressure Pokémon
1.7m 260kg
thumbnail Kurumiru
Sewing Pokémon
0.3m 2.5kg
thumbnail Mamanbou
Nursing Pokémon
Healing Heart
1.2m 31.6kg
thumbnail Shikijika
Deer Pokémon
0.6m 19.5kg
thumbnail Miruhoggu
Precaution Pokémon
Keen Eye
1.1m 27.0kg
thumbnail Moguryu
Mole Pokémon
Sand Throw
Sand Power
0.3m 8.5kg
thumbnail Swanna
Swan Pokémon
Keen Eye
Pigeon Heart
1.3m 24.2kg

Also revealed was the fact that Shikijika (シキジカ) can have different colors depending on the season. The Spring Form color is Pink, the Summer Form color is Green, the Autumn Form color is Orange and the Winter Form color is brown.

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  • United States Shoko Nakagawa
  • Japan 中川翔子
  • Japan Shōko Nakagawa
  • Japan Shoko Nakagawa
Character Thumbnail
  • Japan 馬場裕之
  • Japan Hiroyuki Baba
  • Japan Hiroyuki Baba
Character Thumbnail
  • Japan 山本博
  • Japan Hiroshi Yamamoto
  • Japan Hiroshi Yamamoto
Character Thumbnail
  • Japan 秋山竜次
  • Japan Ryuuji Akiyama
  • Japan Ryuuji Akiyama
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Golgo Matsumoto
  • Japan ゴルゴ松本
  • Japan Golgo Matsumoto
  • Japan Golgo Matsumoto
Character Thumbnail
  • Japan レッド吉田
  • Japan Red Yoshida
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Pokémon Sunday Smash Sableye
  • Japan ポケモン☆サンデーのヤミラミ
  • Japan Pokémon Sunday Smash Yamirami
  • Japan Pokémon Sunday Smash Yamirami
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Pokémon Sunday Chimchar
  • Japan ポケモン☆サンデーのヒコザル
  • Japan Pokémon Sunday no Hikozaru
  • Japan Pokémon Sunday Hikozaru
Character Thumbnail
  • United States Director Lucario
  • Japan ルカリオ部長
  • Japan Director Buchō
  • Japan Director Lucario
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