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  • Japan 生中継! ポケモン祭りだ! ベストウイッシュ (15:51)
  • Japan Namachūkei! Pokémon matsuri da! Best Wishes (15:51)
  • Japan Live Broadcast! It's a Pokémon Festival! Best Wishes (15:51)


The last special cuts into Rica Matsumoto's opening and ending live performance. The broadcast begins with "OK!" (which is performed one semitone lower than the original), "Rival!" (where she completely forgets one of the lines in the verses and taps one of her fists onto her forehead, looking clearly frustrated), and "Type Wild!". Rica's vocal shape isn't as great as the performance earlier in the day (aside from the complete trainwreck on Rival, she was singing sharp on Type Wild). The live footage cuts away as Rica begins to sing "High Touch" (in the original key, unlike her performance with Megumi Toyoguchi earlier in the year, where it was lowered a semitone).
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