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  • Japan リアル体験!あつまれ!ポケモンスクール!!
  • Japan Real taiken! Atsumare! Pokémon School!!
  • Japan Experience It! Gather at the Pokémon School!!


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New episode title(s) has/have been added to the database. Title: ポケットモンスターサン&ムーンスペシャル / Pocket Monsters Sun & Moon Special / Pocket Monsters Sun & Moon Special. Please comment below!
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Daisuke Miyagawa experiences the Pokémon world in real life together with Iio from Zun and KojiRuri! Pikachu's super powerful move becomes real in Denjiro-sensei's class?!
There will also be super extravagant giveaways and a showcase of upcoming events in the anime

Daisuke Miyagawa gets a trial enrollment in the "Pokémon School", where you can experience the Pokémon world in real life! As he is joined by his homeroom teacher Professor Iio from Zun and his classmates, one of which is KojiRuri, a number of super exciting lessons open up before him. In Denjiro-sensei's lesson, everyone attempts to replicate the Z-Move Satoshi and Pikachu unleashed in the anime, "Sparking Gigavolt", as well as Ashimari's "Balloon"! And then Taiiku Okazaki, the singer of the anime's ED theme, shows up to dance with everyone!
We will also be giving out super extravagant prizes from the show! We will announce how you can win them during the show.

Daisuke Miyagawa
Kazuki Iio (from Zun)
Ruriko Kojima
Taiiku Okazaki
Denjiro Yonemura
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