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  • Japan 2019-01-04 ポケットモンスターの平成史 ~火曜から木曜、そして日曜へ~
  • Japan 2019-01-04 Pocket Monsters no Heisei-shi ~Kayō kara mokuyō, soshite nichiyō e~
  • Japan 2019-01-04 The Heisei Era of Pocket Monsters: From Tuesday to Thursday to Sunday
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The TV anime series "Pocket Monsters" analyzes various aspects of the more than 20 years it has spent with the Heisei era and reveals its appeal.

The TV anime "Pocket Monsters Sun & Moon" started airing on Sundays at 6pm in October 2018. We will analyze various aspects of its more than 20 year long history and reveal its appeal. We will present select events from its over 1000 episodes, past series included. We will look back at the grand adventure Satoshi and Pikachu have had so far. And we will present precious, never-before-seen clips of certain Pokémon and certain characters that carry the fate of "Sun & Moon".
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This was quite an interesting special especially having Jeff Manning do most of the special in English, even though he can speak fluent Japanese. Was odd that they dubbed over him and subtitled in Japanese too. Perhaps it's also setup to be released in English at a later time or was the foreign professor style they were going for.

The overall special was a decent recap of major events in the anime's 20 year history. A clip from an upcoming battle between Satoshi and Gladion capped off the special.

Serena fans will be interested in the whole scene where it was discussed that she had to make the decision to complete her goals without Satoshi or continue on with him. It seems the writers did not believe they could both attain their goals together.

Added some 1080p screenshots to an Imageboard thread from the YouTube release that TV Tokyo posted. That was also interesting surprise that they would release the whole special on YouTube, albeit region blocked.

Imageboard thread: https://www.pocketmonsters.net/imageboard/thread/5048

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