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  • Japan ダンデのとある朝
  • Japan What Dande Does in the Morning


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An audio drama produced to celebrate the 100th episode of Pocket Monsters (2019). A side-special showing what Dande does in the morning.


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  • United States Leon
  • Japan ダンデ
  • Japan Dande
  • Japan Dande
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  • United States Leon's Charizard
  • Japan ダンデのリザードン
  • Japan Dande no Lizardon
  • Japan Dande's Lizardon
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  • United States Raihan
  • Japan キバナ
  • Japan Kibana
  • Japan Kibana
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  • United States Sonia
  • Japan ソニア
  • Japan Sonia
  • Japan Sonia

Wild Pokémon

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  • United States Rotom
  • Japan ロトム
  • Japan Rotom
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  • United States Corvisquire
  • Japan アオガラス
  • Japan Aogarasu
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Titles: ダンデのとある朝/What Dande Does in the Morning
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