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  • Japan こうかはばつぐんだ!
  • Japan Kōka wa Batsugun da!
  • Japan It's Super Effective!


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Japanese Summary:

ものがたりのはじまりだ!20年ぶりにプレイし始めた『ポケットモンスター 赤』

赤城まどか(西野七瀬)は関東地方のとある港町・真白育ち。地元の大学を卒業し、蒲鉾メーカーで働いていたが、学生時代から憧れていたクリエイターを目指して、東京の小さな広告代理店・ADventureに転職する。夢を追いかけ上京したまどかだったが、現実は甘くなかった…。想像していたキラキラした世界とは無縁の毎日。さらに会社の命運を握るプレゼンを引き受けてしまう。そんな時、まどかの元に実家の母から荷物が届く。その中には子どもの頃に遊んでいたゲームボーイポケットと『ポケットモンスター 赤』のソフトが…。

20年ぶりにプレイし始めた『ポケットモンスター 赤』。 そこには人生にとって大切な何かがぎゅぎゅっと詰まっていた!? ポケモンを通じて主人公が成長していく世界初の“ポケモンヒューマンドラマ”がここに開幕。

ポケモン要素満載のポケモン好きにはたまらない、ポケモンに詳しくない人はポケモンを始めたくなる (!?)ポケつめをお楽しみに!

Japanese Summary Translation:

The story begins with a return to Pocket Monsters Red after 20 years!
Madoka Akagi (played by Nanase Nishino) grew up in Mashiro, a port town in the Kanto region. After graduating from the local university, she worked as a kamabako maker for a while before taking the step towards her childhood dream of becoming a creative and taking a job at ADventure, a small advertising company in Tokyo. However, reality didn't live up to her dream, and her days are absolutely nothing like the glamorous life she dreamed of. In addition, she has now been tasked with holding a presentation the future of the company rests on. Just then, she receives a package from her mother containing the Game Boy Pocket and Pocket Monsters Red cartridge she played with as a kid...

Madoka starts playing Pocket Monsters Red for the first time in 20 years. And that cartridge ends up being crammed to the brim with things that are important to her?! The curtain is about to be raised for the world's first "human Pokémon drama", which depicts its protagonist growing as a person through Pokémon.

Make sure to look forward to Poketsume, the TV serial so filled with Pokémon elements it will both be irresistible to Pokémon fans and make non-fans want to get into the franchise(?!)


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  • Japan 赤城まどか
  • Japan Madoka Akagi
  • Japan Madoka Akagi
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  • Japan 桧山景明
  • Japan Kageaki Hiyama
  • Japan Kageaki Hiyama
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  • Japan 小薬一親
  • Japan Kazuchika Kogusuri
  • Japan Kazuchika Kogusuri
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  • Japan 目黒洋子
  • Japan Yōko Meguro
  • Japan Yoko Meguro
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  • Japan 小出優希
  • Japan Yūki Koide
  • Japan Yuki Koide
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  • Japan 宿谷浩一
  • Japan Kōichi Yadoya
  • Japan Koichi Yadoya
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  • Japan 工藤美登里
  • Japan Midori Kudō
  • Japan Midori Kudo
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  • Japan まさこ
  • Japan Masako
  • Japan Masako
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  • Japan 岩倉武
  • Japan Takeru Iwakura
  • Japan Takeru Iwakura
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  • Japan 赤城まどかのお母さん
  • Japan Madoka Akagi no Okāsan
  • Japan Madoka Akagi's Mother


TV station Issue 20 for 2023 (テレビステーション 関東版 2023年9/2号), which focused on listings from September 30th, 2023 to October 13th, 2023, had interviews with Producer Koichi Uruma and actress Nanase Nishino. The issue went on sale on August 30th, 2023 and cost 450 yen.


On October 26th, 2023, just before the airing of episode 2, the official Nishino Nanase & STAFF Twitter account posted a picture of Madoka's desk drawer taped down which would open on its own in episode 1.

Today at 24:30, Thursday's Drama 24 Cram Adventures Into a Pocket Episode 2 "They Won't Listen!", will air.
How will Madoka and her friends deal with Kamo, a famous copywriter who doesn't listen to what they say?
Please be sure to watch it tonight!
From episode 1, here is the drawer that opened on its own.

第2話 “いうことをきかない!“
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I really enjoyed this episode. It's good to see the Pokémon franchise expand into other genres. I'm looking forward to seeing where the series goes.
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